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Comment Re:I wouldn't work there. (Score 1) 392

Companies full of 80 hour/week people are waiting to implode.

I'd agree with you, but somehow Amazon continues to succeed while allegedly driving their devs (and the rest of their staff) into working ridiculously hard all the time.

I also witnessed a project recently that has been driving people nearly that hard for nearly 5 years. It's not going well, the (remaining) employees get by more on their bonds of shared suffering than 'passion', 'drive' or whatever euphemism companies are looking for these days, but it's still going!

I know I can't survive more than a couple weeks at 60+ hours, but somehow, it's done; I've seen it done and it seems to be working for well Amazon.

Comment Re:I blame game developers too (Score 1) 54

I played Magic the Gathering as a Kid. As young as 10 I saved up my allowance to buy physical objects from a store with my physical money. I understood exactly how that transaction worked (even with gift cards), and my parents, though not entirely approving of my choices, understood what was going on.

Now in my 30s working as an IT professional, I've got my parental controls against purchases maxed out on my own devices because half the time I don't understand whether I'm buying something or not. And my parents? On a good day, they might remember their passwords, they'd be helpless to protect me even if they were still helicoptering.

Your right that marketing virtual collectable toys to kids isn't new, but the predatory tricks that current companies employ are.

Comment Re:They Could Get The Pope To Assure Him (Score 1) 488

There is no such thing as a fair trial when the US Govt. is involved. They will hang you, shoot you, or put you to sleep.

Any examples? I'd be willing to accept that They make obscure people disappear, but a notable guy like Snowden disappearing in US custody would be unbelievable to me. Maybe a little waterboarding and an extra IRS audit of his parents. Martyring him would only ensure the general public becomes fixated on his revelations and corruptions of the system.

Unless they offer to make you president, just stay in Russia.

I think he's in more danger of execution outside the states where he could be declared an enemy combatant and assassinated as such. Some US ally could be found responsible for the act.

Comment Re:So let me get this straight... (Score 1) 109

You're mastercard requires a fingerprint? All my master card requires from me, after a number, is a "signature." I frequently spend several hundred dollars on my card and leave a small squiggle, assuming the touchscreen worked that day, to confirm it was definitely me who made the purchase.

Instead of having just a number (which has been taken from me at least twice before), this person needs to spoof my phone and have acquired pictures of me. It's not perfectly secure, but this is orders of security above the security systems that are currently in place around my cards.

I even better liked the suggestion of using a dick pick, very few people have my dick pick on file. You can't pull that off of my facebook profile either (like mugshots and my phone number if you're a friend.

Comment Re:Millennials (Score 1) 91

The cheapness and ease of control of drones, I think, makes it reasonable that they've had their recent explosion in popularity and have generated a much larger following than the old RC flying clubs.

I've seen big RC helicopters, kinda wanted one, but never got around to spending the time to do the research such a big purchase would require, nor learn how to to hover and deal with the pendulum effect, etc. The ones I was looking at were gas powered and had metal rotor blades though I know they come in some less dangerous varieties.

On the other hand I recently went down to the toy shop and for $40 bought something I could easily fly around my house and have no problems letting friends children fly around my pets.

Note that I also have a couple tiny plastic RC helicopters, but I've seen few other people with the patience to build skill at flying them around the house.

Comment Re:Sensationlist click bait again (Score 1) 540

It's like he gave his son key to the gun cabinet and later blame the gun manufacturer when the kid hurts himself.

Well, if that gun manufacturer advertised guns as "great toys for kids!" and didn't tell you or your kid much, if anything, about gun safety, then I'd see that blame as entirely justified.

Apple did reimburse him all the money what else is left to grunge about

They've been doing this for years (google has too), and many people either didn't know they could be reimbursed or felt it was their fault for not reading to the end of every 300page EULA and checking back frequently for changes. The companies know this, and (I believe) they leave this loop hole open on purpose because it's so lucrative.

Comment Re:more guns needed (Score 1) 1134

Actually, California CCPs are by governed by the county, so experiences will differ wildly based on where you are in California. My understanding is that San Bernandino was pretty liberal with CCPs.

Not that the law matters though; I Lived in the bay area for a few years and I know my dad and a couple of my friends, regularly wandered around with concealed carry there*. I'm actually pretty surprised no one returned fire in this situation, though the shooters were wearing body armor, so I'm not sure how much it would have helped.

*All white guys, i.e. they've never worried about being unreasonably searched by the cops. I had a black friend there who was tackled at gun point by the cops, for carrying what was basically a chair leg.

Comment Re:method to test your dice (Score 1) 247

I don't have any on hand, but I thought plastic dice floated. If not, use oil. But the dice should settle at the surface with the heaviest end down and the lightest end up and therefore show the side that they are most likely to when rolled.

However this method assumes that all the faces are even, some might be stickyer or wider than others, and therefore the only way to tell if they are fair/blessed/cursed will be to roll them on a hard surface or however you actually roll them.

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