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Comment Headline: Typical example of /. fall from grace (Score 0) 349

Selectively omitted non-factual click-bait Headline: "20% of Scientific Papers On Genes Contain Conversion Errors Caused By Excel, Says Report"

Proper headline: "20% of Scientific Papers On Genes Contain NAME Conversion Errors Caused By Excel, Says Report" /. - we made you famous by coming here. There was a good reason for that. You are clearly getting worse. We don't need - or want - glitter and sparkles.

Comment Long ago proven not to work, so... (Score 1) 238

..why is this /. news?

99% of readers would have long ago been through this - since quantum non-locality has long been mainstream science.

The simple upshot is that setting a state for a particle in another light-cone, is a long way from sending a message - let alone a sensical one containing information a human could understand.

This "incredible idea to exploit quantum weirdness" is neither incredible nor an exploit as this reader found out in about 1996, in about 2nd year Uni.

Comment Shocking waste of money (Score 1) 351

For those looking to actually crunch some basic numbers regarding the size of this project when compared to other renewable projects, here are some sources:

Highest output renewable option in existence - a 1.5gW onshore wind farm already 90% built for $2B (Alta Wind Energy Center).
Most expensive option in existence - a 3.2gW nuclear station being built for $35B.

Seems fairly clear cut - for $35B you could build something like 25gW of wind farms. So why are these alternatives - and others - not a smart financial option?

Even assuming failed efficiencies etc, renewable systems would have to operate at only 10% of expected efficiency to fall as low as the expected returns for this nuclear plan. What am I doing wrong here?

Comment Cats, children and crazy clicking. (Score 1) 515

Do any of the group claiming that M$ is *pushing* W10 updates on people care to explain why only a very small percentage of users have reported this specific behaviour?

Why has it not happened to me or all the others?

Do you people possibly have cats? Children? Because they love to push keys and click the mouse when no one is looking.

William of Ockham says hello, 'STEM' students.........

Comment 'Doctor'? So why spout mistruth? (Score 1) 573

"The optimum level of carbon dioxide for plant growth, given enough water and nutrients, is about 1,500 parts per million, nearly four times higher than today. Greenhouse growers inject carbon-dioxide to increase yields." - Dr. Patrick Moore.

Completely false. Why would a 'Doctor' misrepresent such basic facts regarding plant biology? Plants have 2 types of CO2 requirements - during the photo-period and during the non photo-period. Such extreme and sustained levels of 1500ppm CO2 during the non photo-period will result in chlorosis, stretching, wilting and eventually fatal compromise of their immuno-suppressant functions. 1500ppm is not the optimum level for plants - it is the level at which it is guaranteed plants will die. To avoid these negative factors, CO2 levels must be reduced to 400-500ppm during non photo-periods, especially in the presence of moisture.

Does Dr Moore have knowledge of a global CO2 photo-period regulator that I am unaware of? What an amateur. It is terrible these people are quoted and listened too at all.

Comment No debris - ever? (Score 1) 208

If your goal was to train hundreds of Jihadis in the art of hijacking modern jet-liners, then there is no real substitute for having the real thing in your possession - even if it is forever grounded in an underground bunker. You cannot just go and buy a 777-200 without leaving a trail. Plus a fair deposit......

I still wonder if the plane was stolen. No 'terrorist announcement' motive needed.

The fact that nothing has been identified is too mysterious. No oxygen masks, foam, rubber, sandals-nothing, 300 tonnes makes a big debris field, which expands exponentially over the weeks and months. All it takes is a single identifiable object found by a fisherman, beachcomber, surfer, coast guard, shipping or dog, in what is now a 12 month period.

Maybe it didn't 'go down' at all.

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