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Comment Why has the US not learned? (Score 0) 296

Bombing people - to stop them hating you - doesn't work. It's true.

The Korean War didn't work, Vietnam didn't work, Afghanistan didn't work, Iraq didn't work, Syria is not working and the next war won't work either. It just makes more enemies.

In fact, the ones you miss when you bomb - the families, friends and neighbours - often decide to go on a life-long mission for revenge against the US.

Sometimes entire nations hole themselves up for decades, building nukes and waiting. Like North Korea.

What the fuck is wrong with you? If you bomb Nth Korea, they will release hell on the US. Why would you do that? What the fuck is wrong with you?


Comment Re:Who cares (Score 0) 296

Just bomb them ASAP. It's clearly a criminal organization at the top. Time to put an end to it. 10,000 tomahawk missiles to strike the targets near the border at 3am. Loads of MOABs JDAMs for the rest of the country. My estimate is 2 days all done and after that South Korea can clean up the rest and integrate.

Just like Iraq - so simple. Except a bit more nuclear, chemical-weapony and bio-weapony. You are the pure definition of dangerous moron.

Is that you, Cheney?

Comment No. (Score 0) 202

*"The device can produce nearly 3 liters of water per day..."

*" in the driest parts of the world could soon have a solar-powered appliance capable of delivering all the water they need, offering relief to billions of people."

Same sentence, yet the statements are not even close to existing in the same galaxy.

That is not even mentioning that this is less efficient that currently existing systems. Bob help us all.

Comment I have no sympathy for these women. (Score 0) 374

My wife voluntarily stopped working to raise our 2 children. 7 years later and she is thinking about going back to work. She has a degree in International Studies and is a very intelligent woman. She was considering going into accounting - she has an amazing work ethic and did not care what she did - as long as it paid well (see where this is going?), I suggested to her that coding was less difficult than learning a new language and showed her the pay rates for proficient coders who are management material locally: $USD80,000-$USD170,000 per annum. I logged her onto Khan Academy.

Three months later and this woman has surpassed my coding skills. In another month or so I would suggest she has reached the average skill of any professional coder here (with better theory). She will ACE her first interview (she is also beautiful) and I have no doubt she will soon be managing a group of male coders on close to $USD200,000. Such is the advantage of being a female in the Information Sciences. I can retire and keep being kept in the way I have become accustomed, being just a man.

I am sorry, but I have no sympathy for these women. They have every door open already.

Comment Expectations (Score 0) 331

How much of this is related to the fact that the original researchers were pioneers in their field - experts? Either that or their 'discovery' would be of no note.

What makes another scientist capable of exactly reproducing an extremely complicated set of dependent tasks? A set of instructions? Who is to say they can carry this out in the required identical manner?

In reality, the ONLY thing that matters is that the original researcher can reliably recreate the results. The ability of someone ELSE to perform it is subject to far too many untraceable mistakes - not least of all the original discoverer's ability to write papers.

Is this 'reproducability crisis' a result of the original author's error's, or partly to do with the uncertainty inherent with 'reproducing' a set of conditions and causes, accurately?

Comment Re:Own the robot (Score 0) 388

"Basic math shows that one large indoor farming skyscraper like they are building in Singapore or even an underground facility powered by a large solar array or other power plant (nuclear fusion, maybe in 25 years) would be able to provide all the food for a large city."

I am not sure what industry you are in, but I know you have not looked into intensive food production productivity per square meter per year. A large skyscraper for a large city?

Not even close. Your basic math is woo, hence no sources.

Comment Well done, capitalists. (Score 0) 388

When a human job is replaced by a robot, a significant fraction of tax dollars is lost to the local community and is not made up by the corporation.

This undermines our whole civilisation. Blind capitalist idealism has no solution to this problem of society devolving into a dog-eat-dog situation of black-and-white have's-and-have-not's. There is no value in gaining hegemony of a population of monkeys reduced to eating body-lice.

We need to find a solution to this abominable greed.

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