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Comment Re:FP (Score 0) 853

while we eat Ramen for dinner.

Hey, Mr.Fusion isn't picky either. On a college geek's budget, I for one welcome our glow in the dark, increased paranoia state.

I'm a little wary of yet another 'industry' poised to make a comeback, though. My hope is that it'd go the way of "Solar", but frankly, I don't trust many people to play nice with the byproducts of nuclear power as is. If you could combine the whole biomass/diesel craze with a Mr.Fusion that will charge your fuel cells, and power your house/lab...I'm all for it. Otherwise, it shouldn't be an industry, really. This would be better in a co-op sense, but...where's the profit in that?

Comment Re:Seems a fair transfer of wealth (Score 0) 399

Those downtrodden PC users have always demonstrated a crass communism and unwillingness to pay for carts and discs and online chotskies so it is only fair they shouldn't carry any weight for the downtrodden console gamers.

Fixed that for you. :)

Seriously, though. If you're going to talk transfer of wealth, then something needs to be done about at least the pricing scheme for the content. I don't know how many current subs there are to Xbox Live, but does a 4 map pack, *really* need to be priced for $10? (on top of initial disc cost, plus live sub fee, and having to re-up on points because you're 'a little short' from previous content...) And not to mention the eventual '4 more maps', then '4 moar' and 'Hey! Listen! Hey! Hey! 12 maps here! 1 ridiculous price...

Considering game development is just a mere 'division' of a larger "It shits money...and all we have is a 'copyright'" company. I find it hard to believe that these companies are really 'suffering' from the 'downtrodden PC users' stealing their games and music.

There needs to be more 'bang for the buck' as far as DLC goes when you have to pay for it. "Not paying for it" isn't a realistic option. (unless it's a theme or gamer pics) but maps, add-ons, and more content overall...

It gets pretty boring with the same min-maxed perks, loadouts, and grenade spamming on the original maps...or after you've already unlocked all the achievements, played all the difficulties, etc. PC users can at least modify their content...console gamers can just 'keep paying more...for the same pre-packaged content'

To each their own, but as a console and PC gamer, I can only ask "What can we -really- do about it?"

Comment Re:nothing special... (Score 0) 347

Maybe Thomas Dolby did really get blinded by her...Science.

Humans emit normally in the 'near infrared' portion of the spectrum. (Hence the night vision pr0n) The closest portion of infrared below visible spectrum. Depending on a variety of factors (emission peaks and water absorption), you're bound to run into the occasional 'visible' photon of sufficient energy.

Hit a human with enough energetic particles and you get all sorts of chemical reactions, thermal radiation and a variety of visual and auditory emissions.

Comment Re:Buy games on eBay (Score 0) 590

It's still the same dark forces influencing prices, even on eBay.

Most people playing games like CoD 4, L4D, etc aren't even old enough to purchase it. People who buy it, aren't even playing it. Those that then get it, won't let it go. (Until they scratch the shit out of the disc, gunk it up) Those that are let go, in decent quality, quickly snatched up. Clearly, they need to print MOAR overpriced batches to bring the price down as supply approaches surplus and demand wanes...just in time for the sequel and shutting down of current release's servers.

CoD4 for example...$30 bucks to $74(?!) new/like-new. Some are the 'game of the year edition', (but nothing 'new' added) and original release is fairly steady at $50. For $60 (new/release) where most of the content/experience is via paid online service, there should be a 30 day Gold code in there. Then maybe the depreciated value would make more sense.

'Greatest Hits' editions are usually cheaper than release. For no other reason than the case constantly displays the publisher condescending tone of 'Couldn't get this person to overpay at launch.' Then they'll turn around and re-bundle, which I could see justifying a higher price if updated content, bonus were included.

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