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Comment Re:If By "Useless" You Mean... (Score 3, Insightful) 300

I'll confess: I didn't even know about hiding until a few months ago. A lot of people seem to find out about it as if it's a "dirty little secret", which makes no sense. I'd like to see a warning for the first (and only the first) time you attempt to de-friend someone, asking you if you knew about hiding.

Comment Re:I'm Working On A Feasibility Report (Score 1) 177

You have answered a whoooole lot of my questions. Thank you very much! I was worried about the Calendar app, since I know it's useless for traditional college class scheduling. As for notetaking, that's still my biggest bone of contention, especially considering we're going to the Cornell note-taking method. I'm a bit flustered by it. Even when iOS 4.whatever drops in November, it'll be more of a hassle to switch from reading to taking notes than it should be.

Comment Re:I'm Working On A Feasibility Report (Score 1) 177

I've already included some of these (okay, one, about only one vendor) in the report, but the others are important (especially about being left out if/when the iPad updates with new features.

To be honest, I had not considered the upcoming tablets, but that has to go in there, too.

You just gave me a lot more work to do. Thanks a lot!

Comment Re:I'm Working On A Feasibility Report (Score 1) 177

The best approach I could think of (I've not been thinking about this for too long, I just received word I'd be writing the report) is to use DropBox. The real downside to this is that it requires that your app have DropBox support. Pages, Keynote, Numbers, none of these have that, meaning I have to search out other alternatives (of which there are many to choose from).
As you said later, you could email the documents to another user, but I don't necessarily think that's the best solution, either.
For all that replied, thank you for the discussion!

Comment I'm Working On A Feasibility Report (Score 4, Informative) 177

I've been tasked with writing a feasibility report on using the iPad in the college classroom. For reference, we're a small college (1,300 students). I think the biggest disadvantages are a.)the inability to easily incorporate figures into your typed notes; b.)the lack of wireless printing; and c.)the relative scarcity of e-textbooks. Not having a USB port doesn't bother me, nor does the lack of USB. As of right now, the iPad is more secure in terms of malware and viruses (though I am willing to be wrong, and told I'm wrong, on this point). The fact is, most students don't care about network or personal computer security past making sure their machine works and doesn't get stolen. Removing the USB port removes a virus vector that's been particularly nasty on our campus. Making sure the students get just the apps they need helps the faculty in that the iPad, when used in class, won't be bogged down with distractions. Now, there are a slew of other issues that must be considered (the students are allowed to buy other apps, music and such, will half of these end up in pawn shops in a week, do we have the capability to handle that many wireless connections at once), but there are a lot of advantages to the device.

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