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Data Storage

Submission + - Linux Foundation says it's time to ditch FAT (

pseudonomous writes: In a blog entry today, Jim Zemlin, executive director of the linux foundation discusses the recent settlement between tom tom and microsoft, Zemlin says "Microsoft does not appear to be a leopard capable of changing its spots", in regards to open standards and technology and suggests that developers replace FAT dependant technology with reliance on another system. Which of course, begs the question, "what other file system is possibly going to be as portable as fat32?", and "will it support files larger than 4 GB?".

Submission + - ATI to drop support for r300-r500 card in catalyst (

pseudonomous writes: Michael Larabel of reports the ATI/AMD plans to drop support for graphics cards based on the the r300-r500 chipsets (pre-HD 2xxx series) in the upcoming Catalyst 9.4 release, instead a forked legacy driver will be avialable, unfortunately, there's no garuantee from AMD when or if the legacy driver will support the new Xorg 1.6 release. Indead, as arch linux developers know well, there's no telling when Catalyst will support the new Xserver release on *any* hardware. Luckily, there exist open source ati drivers (the RadeonHD driver does not support any cards of this Vintage, but is an alternative driver for new hardware), which are mostly functional, but unfortunately lack some features like aggressive power management and are affected by a number of bugs which may not be fixed for some time. If you're interested in the story about arch linux pushing off catalyst support to the community, I recommend reading the more balanced forum post by one of the arch developers linked to above (it's the second post), as opposed to the more sensationalistic Phoronix article, I just linked to here.

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