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Comment Re:Economics is hard (Score 1) 167

I'm well aware of the overheads, and see this from both sides. For us, procurement rules make it trivial to spend £3000 on a laptop that we'll replace after 2-3 years, but almost impossible to spend £1000 on a chair that comes with a 15 year warranty and is likely to reduce absences due to back pain by a month over its lifetime.

Comment Re:H2 is actually gaining (small) market presence (Score 1) 149

But with that convenience you lose a lot of efficiency compared to leaving everything as electricity.

How do you carry a tank of electricity around in your vehicle without converting it to some other form? Did you invent cheap room-temperature superconductors and forget to tell anyone?

Comment Re: Micro LSD dosing might be applicable (Score 1) 102

Wow, that article is terrible. One of a character in the bible with no historical evidence to support the claims that he took drugs (or existed at all), one whose work is now almost entirely debunked, and one who largely stole is research from others. If these are the top examples of great work done by people on drugs, that's a pretty good argument for avoiding them.

Comment Re:Doesn't even need to be open source (Score 2) 122

The first of these isn't really a problem with the textbooks, it's a problem with the teaching. At university level, textbooks should be for gaining some extra detail and background that isn't covered by the course. If your course depends on a particular textbook to such a degree that rearranging the material makes the textbook unusable, then your course is probably a waste of everyone's time and the students should just go and read the book instead.

Comment Re:They've compartmentalised the renderer? (Score 1) 132

No, the operating system is supposed to prevent one process from interfering with another. When an app has multiple security domains then it's up to the app developer to do compartmentalisation. OpenSSH has done this for over a decade, most browsers have done it for quite a few years. Current hardware[1] doesn't provide good mechanisms for doing fine-grained isolation within a single OS process.

[1] The project that I work on aims to address this limitation.

Comment Re: Party like it's 1999 (Score 1) 167

The Direct Debit system doesn't need to be secure, because the liability is entirely with the bank. If there is a dispute, they are required to immediately reverse the withdrawal from your account. The recipient can then take you to court if you actually owed the money, but if they're a scammer then it's unlikely that they will (it's also relatively unlikely that they'll pass the vetting required to be permitted to initiate DD transactions).

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