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Comment Re:Duh? (Score 1) 633

It depends who the laws are meant to serve- people or companies. If, as I understand it, laws (& gov't) are meant to serve people, then why shouldn't a group of people making a statement about a particular law be relevant? I'd prefer my gov serve citizens and not give a whit what Big. Co.'s agenda is.

Comment Re:They've got marketshare and mindshare mixed up. (Score 1) 585

"We're approaching a situation where the PC type software-OEM model is viable in the mobile space" That point has come and gone and the platform which achieved it is on track to dominate the market - it's called Android. I'm highly skeptical MS will be able to dethrone Google's darling given the history of MS on mobiles and Android's ability to evolve faster. Much faster.

Comment Balancing Interests (Score 1) 585

Embrace - Extend - Extinguish is obviously a good strategy for getting large market share and maximizing profits. However, I don't think it's a great way to keep market share over the long term, especially if you rarely innovate, are expensive and, on occasion, a sub-par value. Your customers will eventually notice you're serving your share holders disproportionately more than you're serving your customers. That's when they're likely to leave.

Comment Re:It Hurts (Score 1) 351

How is it different from commercial software? At least when F/OSS dev's piss you off you're not paying for the software or commercial "support" which allows you to open a bug ticket. Sorry, there maybe some crab grass on both sides of the fence but at least I'm not getting fleeced on the F/OSS side. Ever pay $200 for a single pay-per-incident ticket with Vendor X and not get an issue resolved? It happens.

Comment Re:The industry can take all the time it needs (Score 1) 313

Tapes are useful as a removable & portable media. RAID arrays generally are not as portable. The RAID array won't do me much good when my house burns down- off-site media is the protection in this case. Large external hard drives are a suitable substitute which MAY lower the $/GB of off-siting content in certain scenarios (relative to even the most recent tape tech). I've been using Hitachi G-Drives in place of LTO and have reduce the media cost.

Comment Pathetic Reporting (Score 1) 1348

Good job PC World- I hope you got a lot of advertising dollars for the FUD article. Just curious, after you've lost all your eyeballs how you'll pay to print your publication?

Would be nice if somewhere there was mention of that fact that the author of the article is president of a software company that appears to be a pure MS shop- in addition to to being a "senior editor" at PC World.

Comment Re:So...? (Score 1) 1348

Agreed. Looking at it as a desktop issue is fast becoming irrelevant. Linux already has it's beachhead - it's called Android. Didn't it recently beat out iPhone in cell phone market share? I'd wouldn't be surprised if the same thing happens in the tablet world once they get them out there. I believe convenient new form factors and safe "walled gardens" (ie. app markets with free/cheap downloadables that are pseudo-repudiated by somebody or at least peer-reviewed) is going to drive the market for the next few years.

Comment Re:wrong OS? (Score 1) 1348

Seems a relevant time to bring up and old adage, "Health is merely the slowest way someone can die." (Anon) A saying particularly relevant in the fast moving world of technology. And I can't help but think of "Weekend at Bernie's" when I look at the way other OSes often get propped up.

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