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Submission + - Phil Zimmermann on Declan's C|net piece on Biden

Philip Zimmermann writes: "In his 23 August opinion piece in C|net, Declan McCullagh wrote on Joe Biden's suitability as the Democratic VP nominee, Declan quotes me, creating the impression I criticized Biden for some legislation that Biden introduced in 1991. Declan's quote from me is out of context because it does not make it clear that I never mentioned Biden in my original quote at all when I wrote about Senate Bill 266. Second, Declan's quote is drawn from remarks I wrote in 1999. Declan seems to be trying to draft me in his opposition to Biden, and, by extension, makes it seem as if I am against the Democratic ticket. I take issue with this.

When someone serves in the Senate for 30 years, we have to judge them by their whole body of work. Much has happened since 1991. I don't know what Biden's position would be today on the issue of encryption, but I would imagine it has changed, because I can't think of any politicians today who would try to roll back our hard-won gains in our right to use strong crypto. In fact, considering the disastrous erosion in our privacy and civil liberties under the current administration, I feel positively nostalgic about Biden's quaint little non-binding resolution of 1991.

Declan's article seems to imply that I would prefer McCain over the Democratic ticket. But McCain's stated policies on wiretapping, the Patriot Act and other policies that undermine privacy and civil liberties are a seamless continuation on the current administration's policies."

Submission + - Microsoft offers to buy Yahoo for $44.6 billion (

prz writes: "Reuters is carrying a story about this. From the article: "Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) said on Friday it has offered to buy Yahoo Inc (YHOO.O), the popular Web portal, for $44.6 billion in cash and stock, seeking to join forces against Google Inc (GOOG.O) in what would be the biggest Internet deal since the Time Warner-AOL merger.""

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