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Comment Depends on use (Score 1) 415

eInk is a billion times better than LCD for reading. If you want apps and web, get a tablet. One advantage of a general tablet like a straight android device or the ipad, you can load all of the stores: amazon, barnes and noble, kobo, google play, and buy books from whoever. If you get an ereader, you'll be stuck with the store that the ereader supports. Not sure if tablets support adobe digital editions, which you need to check out ebooks from most libraries.

Comment Re:A practical article (Score 1) 789

I have a Nook and really like it, it reads pretty much everything I need it to. The Kobo also looks pretty decent, and the new one's fairly cheap. No web browsing on it like the Nook, but honestly I rarely browse on the Nook because it's browser is kind of a joke. It also only works over wifi, so getting the 3g version is kind of a waste, all you can do with it is download books from the Nook store. Check out Calibre - for managing/converting books, it's a pretty nice piece of software. Also check out Sigil - for editing epub.

Comment Four Steps (Score 1) 465

It's actually a four step process:

1. Try to delete file
2. Are you sure you want to delete this file? [Yes]
3. Try to empty the recycle bin
4. Are you sure you want to empty the recycle bin? [Yes]

And then the file is gone.

Yes, there are registry tweaks to turn all this crap off. There should be a check box though to disable this nonesense for people who aren't in the habit of deleting stuff they don't mean to. At least shift-del is only a two step process.

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