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Comment What happened to media objectivity? (Score 4, Insightful) 338

The NYT article is ridiculous. Granted Apple will probably release a tablet like device or at least announce it in the next month or so. However how can MS/HP announce a me-too device without there being a device to emulate? What's unfortunate is that as usual the Mac boosters in the media who believe that the Mac is the be all for all users are going to pass judgement on this device by comparing it to the mythical Apple tablet. It's like comparing a good race horse to a unicorn sure that horse is fast, but it's not a magical and can't fly. (Granted Apple may deliver a unicorn, but the point is it just doesn't exist yet however cool it may be)

Submission + - Microsoft opens Outlook's PST format (

protosage writes: From Microsoft's Interoperability blog: This documentation is still in its early stages and work is ongoing. We are engaging directly with industry experts and interested customers to gather feedback on the quality of the technical documentation to ensure that it is clear and useful. When it is complete, it will be released under our Open Specification Promise, which will allow anyone to implement the .pst file format on any platform and in any tool, without concerns about patents, and without the need to contact Microsoft in any way.

Comment Re:Get the definition right (Score 2, Interesting) 396

Not to be an ass or belittle your skill set, but anyone who is able to deal with COBOL at the moment is making great cash. I know of positions where COBOL programmers are making 6 figures. Why? Because all the web developers are running from Cobol in droves, and frankly the companies who are running on Cobol are all listed in the fortune 1000.

Comment MTL parking meters are just place holders (Score 1) 427

The really funny thing that nobody has seemed to mention is the a montreal "parking meter" is a post with a number on it now. All the "metering" happens at the electronic pay stations. the actual post with the number just marks the spot where you parked. Apple could coveivably ask to make custom posts, or put sidewalk plaques or something like that with the space number. How the system works is you park your car, take note of the number where you parked, find a pay station punch in the number of the parking meter, then pay for the time you want. You don't even put your ticket on your dash. The system has a pretty big flaw too. You can reset the time on a "parking space" by typing it in at any pay center and then making a minimum payment of a quarter. So if someone just paid the 6$ max fee for 2 hours of parking you can reduce that to about 15 minutes.

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