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Comment Re:Nice, BUT (Score 1) 148

Miro seems to be basically a RSS-client+Torrent Client+Broswer and a rudimentary player bundled into one. But wait, I use Google Reader, my browser plays videos, can download. I need a separate torrent client for non-video/music files anyway. And Video Search ? Google started searching video a long time ago. So why should Miro be an extra app running and not just a website that publishes video?

First, I don't want to download everything I see. And that which I want , can be done with an easy Download link.

I can see why an iTunes for Music is useful, but an iTunes for Video is just untenable with the sizes of video files (for download and storage).

As I have felt before about version 1.0 , Miro 2.0 seems entirely pointless: Nothing new - what you've been doing all along anyway, just in a new interface with more RAM sacrificed.

Maybe I am just not their target audience.

Comment Re:FOSS Humiliated By HP (Score 1) 261

Er, I was referring to the other similar sounding word which has racist connotations? Which is also what the post I replied to was referring to, not the word 'niggardly'.

Of course, I will refrain from insulting your ability to read between the lines, unlike you when ending your reply.

Comment Re:FOSS Humiliated By HP (Score 1) 261

The root of that word(I dont think I have to type it) means ignorant person, it did not develop into a racist or derogatory term until sometime betwwen the civil war and now.

The root of that word is not ignorant person but "Negro", referring to the race of people with Black Ancestry. Negro itself comes from the Latin word 'niger' - which means 'black'. The usage of the word to mean ignorant person is but the start of the racist connotations it has acquired in the US.

Comment Re:Rocket scientists (Score 1) 923

Riiiight... That's why the term "rocket scientist" is used as a synonym for intelligence

Only in the US though...

The total number of engineers graduating in India and China exceed the total number of engineers working in the US. Given the knowledge that is available, it is not so much of an engineering problem but more of an economic and "do we have the motive" problem.

Comment Eh...what? (Score 1) 334

So far in the commenting, I've seen all kinds of contradicting opinions.

1. OGG sounds better than MP3 or it does not.
2. OGG uses more processor cycle and kills battery life, OGG makes no difference in comparison to MP3
3. OGG sounds better, MP3 sounds better in most listening tests, MP2 is even better, MP4 is equal to OGG and better than MP3
4. OGG needs to be as succesful as PNG and PNG is just one in a crowd.

Gosh...there is a lot of FUD going around here about something. Could someone in the know please set the record straight ?

Comment Re:"Good" Music is subjective (Score 1) 659

most English speakers will be more familiar in this context.

Most English speakers in the US , perhaps. In other parts of the world that are English speaking such as UK and India "Goodness" is a common word. Phrases such as "A jam filled with divine goodness" or "Goodness Gracious me" are common utterances.

And at some point, most people on /. must have tested the "Goodness of Fit" using a Chi-square test.

Comment Re:"Good" Music is subjective (Score 1) 659

As a far as cops go, that wasn't good policing.

The Internet , or more precisely , bandwidth is a consumable product. As much as music is : the difference is that one is consumed because it is a tool (although in many ways it could be argued that it is also entertainment), and the other is consumed for pleasure (although it can be argued it is also a tool ref. Guantanamo Bay Music torture).

You are mixing up the economic category of something with its intended use. These days iPods and Coca-cola are both classified as FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) ...I am sure you'll agree their intended use is very different.

The relationship of a "tool", goods and services depends strongly on perspective because a "tool" is not an economic category. I will exemplify with an extension of my analogy with your logic. If you are an ISP, the Internet is the consumable, while the cables and servers that host it are the "tools". If you are a server manufacturer, the servers are the consumable, while the things that let you make a server such as air-conditioning for your design plant, the electricity that runs through is the "tool". If you are the power company,....well you get the picture.

Comment "Good" Music is subjective (Score 5, Insightful) 659

There seems to be a lot of flaming here for how the songs sucked etc. , but...

1. Goodness of music is a subjective issue. There may be people who actually like the sound, or the ease of karaoke-ing through it. Kids, perhaps who can be thrilled at the substantial quality of their renditions.

2. I suspect a lot of people are complaining about the examples there because they are comparing it to the originals. Think about how new songs or tunes can be arranged by budding composers using this. Songsmith might offer a lot more customisability making it an important tool.

We should try to look at the bright side once in a while.

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