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Role Playing (Games)

A Look At the Warhammer Community 169

Gamasutra is running a story examining the development of the Warhammer Online community since its recent launch. The author explains how the gameplay and rules tend to affect social interaction. GamerDNA has a related piece looking at numbers for actual players involved with Warhammer's launch, and how it's affecting populations in other MMOs. "Getting on the computer to play WAR apparently reminded the WAR fanatics that they had a computer, because overall, their gameplay went up as a whole. They logged in more often to titles like COD4, Oblivion, and even AOC. But the MMO bug bit hard, and logins to LOTRO and EVE more than doubled after the launch of WAR."

Comment Hand v Thumb (Score 1) 627

I use hand trackballs instead of thumb trackballs and find them much easier to use. I have a Trackball Explorer at work and a Cordless TrackMan Optical at home. I used to have the Microsoft one at both home and work but went wireless at home. The Logitech one is superior; while the Microsoft one is actually really nice, it requires a lot of maintenance (it gets insanely dirty and starts to skip and drag). The main issue for me is that the thumb trackballs have always required extremely precise movement and perfectly still hands, lots of dexterity, while largely ignoring the rest of the hand. The hand trackballs make much better, IMHO, use of the space.
United States

Submission + - C.I.A. to declassify "skeletons"

sgt_doom writes: The C.I.A. announced today it was going to reveal "skeletons" by declassifying hundreds of pages of documents detailing illegal abuses over the years. As a preamble, the National Security Archive at George Washington University released a separate set of documents covering internal government deliberations of the abuses from January 1975. Mandatory reading for all those history-challenged individuals who believe government knows best!

Submission + - Gartner: do not mix business with iPhone

thefickler writes: It may well be the most anticipated mobile phone ever launched, but Gartner vice president, Ken Dulaney, is advising businesses to stay away from Apple's soon-to-be-released iPhone. While Dulaney believes the iPhone is likely to make a major impact on the consumer market, he doesn't believe the new phone has much to offer business.

Dulaney said businesses should avoid the iPhone for a number of reasons, including its high retail price, lack of a firewall, lack of support for Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes, and poor security (data cannot be deleted if the handset is lost, for example).

Submission + - Hosting your own website 1

GPTelemann writes: As an almost-grad-student in computer engineering who's been using cheap webhosting services, I figured that I should be able to use an older computer lying around to run my own Linux webserver. I've used Linux from time to time since before the days of Debian 2.0, and Ubuntu seems to be very popular these days. Unfortunately, I don't really know how to go about setting up a simple, secure webserver on my local internet connection. What things are most important to know, and where should I look to learn how to go about this (and how to get an already-registered domain to link to my computer)?

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