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Comment Re:Um (Score 3, Insightful) 70

This isn't for today. This isn't for tomorrow. This is for the next 20-30 years you f*ckstick.

Imagine if the government of the time had the same thinking when they built the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We'd have 1 lane each way, totally inadequate. Technology expands to fill limitations and if something beneficial doesn't come of investing in those 50 lines within the next 30 years, I will personally reimburse the Australian public for all expenses incurred in providing the service.

Good infrastructure isn't laid by asking "what is adequate for now?".


Submission + - What can we do to stop people rebranding and selling FOSS? ( 1

promythyus writes: "A friend brought this software package to my attention, and it is being sold in 2 major brick & mortar software retailers in Australia. Although they don't provide many screenshots, you can clearly tell that this office solution they are selling is a simple rebranding of OpenOffice.Org and Mozilla Thunderbird. After doing a little research on the Apache License and MPL it seems that both of these licenses allow this. Obviously, this is a totally unethical business practice and contributes nothing back to the FOSS movement that made these software packages available to them.

So, how can we stop unscrupulous businessmen rebranding FOSS without adding anything to it and selling it to oblivious consumers?"

Comment Re:uBI and aCTIVision do it too (Score 4, Interesting) 323

>worse than EA

Yeah nah. EA are scum, always have been. Activision just rehash their crap and charge $15 for map packs without shame but they know that they provide a service and at least respect their paying customers. EA are the worst kind of hypocrites, flooding the market with crappy sports titles and generic cod-clones and then claim to be "a driving force of innovation". They say they will never do sales like steam sales, because it devalues games. Have you seen Origin lately? Sale Sale Sale Sale. Not only that, you try getting support on your title. I'm sure if you've kept up with gaming news you know all about EA's retarded banning policy, and how they handled people criticising Bioware. EA spit in the face of their customers.

Ubi just have crappy drm and price gouging. They aren't actively malicious like EA.

Comment Re:Next they'll turn off the power (Score 1) 149

That doesn't mean that shutting down the tower is a good solution. The only acceptable solution is A) expand the capacity of the call centres. This is a fairly simple one, and doesn't require stopping me calling my loved ones before my train falls into a pit of lava or whatever and B) education, while seemingly a ludicrous proposition in the USA, it's a bit worrying if your nation's average citizen is so dumb they cannot coordinate a group effort to call 911 instead of all jumping on their phones and calling 911 themselves. This might require a cultural shift.

Comment Re:Mac OS X *did* have Spaces before Lion (Score 2) 359

I disagree.
Virtual Desktops don't really need names, "Desktop n" is quite good enough. You can reorder/arrange your spaces by dragging them, the only thing that lion really changed was that all desktops are in a single row now, which makes sense considering the swipe gesture to move between spaces. The addition of full screen applications as their own space more than makes up for the loss of vertically aligned spaces. You can still configure programs to open directly to a certain space so I'm not sure what you mean by configuring your spaces, the removal of the system prefs panel is moot because it had barely any options besides layout of your spaces anyway.

4 Desktops for Mac, 1 fullscreen terminal that is always open, then 1 fullscreen virtual machine so I can swipe between operating systems!

Comment Re:Reflexive /. Gates bashing in 3...2... (Score 1) 471

So then you would say that religion has never started a war or fight? Exactly. Just imagine how different the middle east would be if they weren't fighting over "god said this is MY land" "no, god said this is MY land" (massive simplification but whatever.) Admittedly, people who just want to kill each other will find another reason.

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