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Comment Re:With a reason? (Score 1) 195

So long as there's rhyme and reason to the numbering scheme, I have no problem with it.

BMW does this, and it's awesome. The first digit is the body style (3 is small, 5 is mid, 7 is large), and the next 2 digits are the engine displacement.

Except when they aren't; these days, the next 2 digits may, or may not, have any connection to the engine size. For example, both the BMW UK page giving technical data for the 3 series and the BMW USA page for building your own car, after selecting the 3 series sedan indicate that both the 320i and the 330i have a 2-litre turbo 4, with the 330i just having a more powerful version.

Comment Re:Sour Grapes (Score 1) 84

Why are you using this dumbass expression?

I would suspect one of two reasons.

Either 1:
He isn't talking about just musicians. He's talking about musicians, authors and filmmakers.

Or 2:
He's doing whatever he can to avoid calling people like Young Thug, Kodak Black and Lil Uzi by the label "Artists".


Comment Re: And the other end of the deal? (Score 1) 292

There is nothing inherent about women that would make them not work as hard as men. That's nonsense.

If you're talking about "putting forth as much effort", you're probably right but if you're talking about "able to perform as much physical labor in the same amount of time", you're definitely wrong.

Obviously there are individual women who are stronger than most men but on average men are stronger and can perform more physical labor.

It's not discrimination that lead to most loggers, miners and firefighters being male, it's biological differences.

There is some physical recovery for the woman after childbirth, especially depending on the method of delivery. However, the amount of leave goes beyond what's necessary for recovery.

They would probably just outright lose the employee if they didn't give what she deemed to be "Adequate" leave when a child is born. It's a compromise that employers make because it's better for them to wait a few additional weeks for the experienced employee to return than it is to hire and train a replacement.


Comment Re:Citizen-Fueled?? (Score 1) 156

"We are building a citizen-fueled clean power plant,"

A new twist on "Soylent Green?" A conspiracy against cemetery plots? Trumps "Final Solution" to the Immigration problem?

Or maybe it's just a way to use the results of a bean-heavy diet, given that the goal is to get "as much power as a small natural gas-fired plant produces" - get enough, umm, natural gas from citizens, and you've solved your problem!

Comment Re:Big surprise some jackhole Silicon Valley (Score 2) 242

I can hear the 80s era commercial version of their service.

"Is that pesky first amendment getting in your way?
Is someone saying things about you that you don't like?
Did someone publicize something sleazy that you did but was recorded without your knowledge?

We can help. We'll sue them into oblivion and maybe get you some money in the process.

Call 1-800-SHYSTER
There's no fee unless WE get money for YOU!"


Comment Re:NO FUCKING SHIT (Score 1) 183

For the purposes of commercial marketing, it's not incorrect.

Someone who is assigned a "Conservative" marketing profile is probably NOT going to read sponsored content from HuffPo while someone who is assigned a "Liberal" marketing profile is probably NOT going to read sponsored content from FreedomOutpost and if by chance they do, they're not going to patronize the advertisers of those sites.

Someone who reads content from across the spectrum just might look at content from either of those sources and probably won't penalize advertisers quite so much.


Comment Re: Google beat you to it (Score 3, Informative) 240

That's weird, this is what I got. I guess it's a sponsored link? It even showed a blurb from the site above the link as if Google were just answering my question.

No, Strassler's a Real Physicist, and that link does show up, later in the list, in my search.

However, whilst the Higgs field might be a force field (in the sense of something that can change the motion of an object, i.e. can transfer momentum), it's apparently not considered one of the "fundamental" forces; the Standard Model has only four "fundamental" forces. The proposed new force would be a fifth.

Comment Re:Google beat you to it (Score 2) 240

If you google "what are the forces of nature" the first result says there are 5.

When I searched for "what are the forces of nature" (without the quotes) in Google just now, the first result was the Wikipedia disambiguation page for "Force of nature", which says "In physics, there are four fundamental forces." as the second line. The second result is the Wikipedia page for Forces of Nature , a romantic comedy starring Ben Affleck and Sandra Bullock, and the third result is for a HowStuffWorks page entitled "What are the four fundamental forces of nature?".

Below that are some news articles about this "maybe a fifth force" story.

Comment It's increasingly difficult to live off grid. (Score 1) 264

Places around the country have been criminalizing it. If you don't tie in to municipal utilities like water, sewage and electricity, they'll condemn your property and then arrest you for trespassing if you remain on it.

We need political solutions every bit as badly as technological ones.


Comment Re:RTFA this time (Score 2) 264

But, hey, he's first to break the news about Julian Assange's sex change:

In a manifesto that he wrote during the early days of WikiLeaks, founding member Julianne Assange observed that security services, confronting the threat of internal data breaches, would have to be extra vigilant in order to fly under the radar.

(emphasis mine).

Comment Re:1995 (Score 1) 225

"the point of Token Ring"

Enlighten us.

Slower than TCP/IP, but 100% deterministic network behaviour and speed.

So how does it compare to TCP/IP over Token Ring? :-)

Basically it's what you want to run your Nuclear Power Plants, live-saving medical devices and bizarly expensive "failure is not an option" Space Equiment with.

So what protocols are run atop Token Ring in that case?

(Or did you really mean "Slower than Ethernet, but 100% deterministic network behavior and speed"?)

Comment Re:1995 (Score 1) 225

> Same thing as with TCP/IP vs Token Ring

They are not even on the same level. Token Ring is layer 2, and you can run TCP/IP over it, the same way you can run it over the various Ethernet protocols (wired or wireless).

IPv4 and IPv6, so it's not "vs." in the sense of "using Token Ring rather than TCP/IP".

So "I instantaneously "got" TCP/IP, and only much later understood the point of Token Ring" presumably means "I understood why you'd use TCP/IP on various networks, and only much later understood why you'd use Token Ring for a network segment (rather than, say, Ethernet)", so it's not quite the same as "HTTP vs. Gopher".

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