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Comment Real Solution (Score 1) 274

Place a deposit on all good sold equal to the current cost of proper disposal at net present for the estimated life of the product. The manufacturer has to take the product back and dispose of it at end of life but in return they get an interest free loan for the life of the product. THis shifts the burden to the designers and rewards them for making a easy to dispose of product and rewards them for making it not disposable. The float is how Warren Buffet got rich FYI.

Comment Re:Anthropological principle (Score 1) 187

as the bible dictates the universe being created by God for man

I think that you're making assumptions about what the Bible actually says.

Earth was made for man.

I'm not a Christian but I know their book. It does not preclude intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, in fact, it might even suggest that there is. John 10:16 mentions "Other sheep" who are "not of this sheep pen(or fold)". Could those other sheep or the other fold refer to non-humans who are not on this planet? It's debatable.


Comment Needs better mobile (Score 2) 216

The problem is that most of the public still uses web-based email (GMail, Yahoo, etc) and mobile. Gmail won't support even the most basic of encryption because their entire business model depends on reading other people's emails.

What GMail COULD do is put some sort of header on GPG-signed emails saying that this is certified as from an account.

Comment Re: Well, once the panels are installed (Score 1) 415

It is a strawman. We are talking about solar. In this case we will call solar A. We are also talking about coal here we will call it C. Let's call corn E. Our argument is roughly A>C therefore E has nothing to do with the conversation. Introducing E is a strawman, a terrible example of something unrelated that you can knock down to divert us from the conversation at hand.

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