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Comment Works like a charm (Score 1) 158

Like any other language that suits his purpose - when well coded!

I've been using PHP in web development for 10 years now and I can say it has very good features along with some flaws but, once again, just like any other language.

People read "PHP" and think automatically in(secure) phpBB or Joomla but you can write your own PHP code/framework/project, you know. Just make sure if it fits your needs first before you say it doesn't do the job. Maybe you just chose the wrong set of tools for the job.

Damn, I even write shell scripts with it and been replacing old bash scripts for PHP!

Comment Re:As a Mexican living in Argentina... (Score 1) 242

Oh, now it's the fact of being closer? With that kind of logic Madrid should have more Portuguese and it don't. There goes some crap logic of yours, as usual.

As for the Portuguese language, I'll give you another free information so you can learn a little more before infesting other people minds with wrong information: Portuguese language is not a Spanish dialect nor derive from it. Both languages come from the same source "Latin". Not like English that many words and literature influence come from old French, who'd say that!

I'm someone who likes to talk, discuss things, learn and teach something. Since I can not do neither of these with you, this will be my last response. Brat.

Comment Re:As a Mexican living in Argentina... (Score 1) 242

Once again, you should get your facts straight, things are not true just because you write them out.

Despite the attempt to provoque the Portuguese people - which made me laugh and completely unveiled your character or lack of it - I'll tell you, as a courtesy, that there are more Portuguese in Paris than in Madrid and London.

What's you fantastic theory now? France is bigger than UK? French people eat baguettes? Please stop poisoning other people minds, at least have the decency to add "I assume that..." or "I think that", not take any information for a fact just because your illuminated mind thought of them.

Comment Re:Hard drives warranty (Score 1) 512

Agree with you in almost every argument, except:

1) when the manufacturers agree price and conditions between them, consumers get screwed;

2) Consumers get screwed during the process of the manufacturers "natural selection" as you put it, there must be some reasonable way to protect them from the low quality / charlatans / evil manufacturers;

Comment Re:The dilema ... (Score 1) 427

When I wrote "it's up to the iraqui people" I meant the real people, not the iraqui elite, moved by a specific agenda and interests. Barham Salih's daughter studied at the Princeton University!
I do not doubt that many United States citizens do really believe in the good intentions of their government but, from an outside (non-american) perspective, it only comes to mind names like Blackwater or Halliburton.

Comment Re:The dilema ... (Score 1) 427

Iraq is better off without Saddam, and the price of the transition was fewer people killed than Saddam's long term average annual death toll.

I think it's up to the iraqui people to make such a statement and, judging from the news, I don't see them any better now!

Bottom line is, how can one dictate what's best for another country?

Comment Re:Why Your Sysadmin Hates You (Score 1) 572

I second that.

It's pretty common to see your technical solution to a crucial problem that a certain project had - and could not be finished without it - being snatched by "great managing skills"!

After some time we get used to it. After even more time people really start to realize that's not just "great managing skills" after all.

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