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Comment Re:Size does matter. (Score 1) 294

I really can't see what you can't do on a 5'' phone that you can on 7''. Comics on a 10'' tablet was pretty good but you still too small to display whole pages. 12'' or 13'' probably could do it.

I'm actually waiting for a big color tablet with e-ink instead of a LCD, now that would be freaking perfect for books and comics.

Comment Re:How about a little more balance? (Score 2) 294

More RAM and a better processor, which entails almost every single hardware update ever, for some reason paints a lackluster picture when Microsoft is behind it.

No, it seems lackluster because ram and processing power are far from the main problems the surface has. The main problem being probably price and lack of anything that makes it stand out on a market tha already have a lot of options. Nobody bought the first version of Surface RT and if all the new features are more RAM and processing power they probably won't buy the second that's the point of all comments that are bashing it.

It's one thing when the topic specifically discusses Microsoft's missteps

Yes and this seem to be yet another mistep.

Comment Re:Size does matter. (Score 2) 294

Reading comics. I could only find a 10' one and I wanted bigger. The weight is kind of bad but not worse than a big book and I mostly wanted to read on the bed so it wasn't a problem. The worst thing about it was handling, you have very little space to hold it without triggering something but that was just a metter of getting a handler or something.
Different needs for different people. I actually can't find a reason for a tablet smaller than 10' since a smartphone can already cover this kind of usage.

Comment Re:Either way. (Score 1) 203

Oh sure, I was talking about the current state of gaming on linux. If the Steambox is ever released as a console it will already have a much bigger library than any other at release and it might finally make companies port games to linux. The problem with your post now is that we have no news regarding the steambox.

Comment Re:Nothing to see here (Score 1) 203

I hate microsoft to the bone and when I read the title I thought they would be paying for video recorded or something, I was fairly disappointed to known that it was actually kind of reasonable, at least for people that think it's reasonable to buy crippled locked down hardware in the first place, hardware that have no advantage whatsoever over the PC. The only thing that makes it looks kind of bad for MS is the fact that the same service is supposedly free on the playstation.

Comment Re:Either way. (Score 1) 203

From my 110 games library 32 are compatible with linux and 15 of those are half-life. Also I do no special effort to purchase linux games. It's still too little for me to even consider suggesting linux for gaming for my friends as something viable. Of course on the other hand having games on linux means that you might be able to do some really awesome stuff like assembling portable gaming device that plays steam games. Given the amount of awesome games that uses few resources these days like FTL it might actually be a really good idea.

Comment Yes please. (Score 1) 60

Gotta tell you man, I'm not light about my gaming, I play all genres, during many hours. That's pratically all I do in my free time. I'm the ~1000 hours clocked into the Monster Hunter franchise, ~400 hours into the X universe, ~250 hours into the borderlands franchise kind of gamer and I really don't get all the bro's resistance to these gimmics, they aways look so awesome to me.
I'm also very carefull and wait to see if anyone will make good use of them but this one in particular seems to have much more potential than most gimmics.
Having said that this is a microsoft product and I won't play a xbox even if people paid me to do so. The only good thing out of it will probably be the youtube experimentation videos just like with kinectic.
Also, the Oculus rift will render it obsolete anyway.

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