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Comment Again, Art trumps Science: Thief of Time! (Score 1) 167

Written by the excellent (and sadly deceased) Terry Pratchett, Thief of Time is a story about a clockmaker who makes the perfect clock to measure time exactly. At that time, time stops. Luckily in the books of Pratchett creatures can exist outside of time, so the day is saved - in the end... By the Small Gods, I love his books and dearly miss him... :-(

Comment Patience with the yonge ones :-) (Score 1) 435

I think this question is stupid. I've been in programming for 20+ years. There really is not that much new under the sun. The quasi OOP of JS keeps baffeling me, it is nice to see a move back to procedural programming. And, in general, the mess has gotten bigger and more complicated. But new paradigms etc etc? Mwa...

Comment Europe is broke, apparently? (Score 2) 138

I've been trying for 30 minutes now to watch this legally. Europe does not have any money, or whatever... according to: - Amazon - google play - youtube - 30+ minutes in... I quit. I will start my bittorrent client now... Thank you, international movie-business, for saving me money!

Comment Re:Note careful terminology by Google (Score 1) 157

Sorry, non-native english speaker here. I looked up the word "annealer", which seems to mean "To subject (glass or metal) to a process of heating and slow cooling in order to toughen and reduce brittleness". I do not understand the concept of the D-Wave machine by any means, but does this describe the way in which the device zeros in onto the right answer? Is that the meaning of the word in this context?

Comment Re:Innocent until proven guilty? (Score 0) 794

Why is that surprising? The American government did the same with GitMo. The American public does the same with the 'mosque on ground zero'. (Which is neither a mosque, nor on ground zero...) America has seased to be a hallmark for democracy (or civilization for that matter) a long time ago... (Not, BTW, that there are many countries out there that fit the bill...)

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