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Comment Re:Run a Tor exit node to conceal your illegal act (Score 2) 241

Could smart criminals just also run a Tor exit node, and just use it to blame anything that they get caught on?

A Tor exit node is just a tool used to obscure your location. Nothing more. So let's rephrase your question as such:

"Could smart criminals just tape over their house numbers, and just use it to blame anything that they get caught on?"

Uh... no...

A Tor exit node is the last "hop" or "layer" before data exits the encrypted tor network.

So let's rephrase the parent's question as such:

"Could smart criminals just operate a package exporting company and just blame other people when they get caught for exporting contraband?"

The answer is yes.

Comment Re:Right on Adobe! (Score 1) 731

This may be a flawed analogy, but wouldn't it be akin to a company releasing a car that only ran on diesel? That impedes all the companies that sell only "normal" gasoline. They're stifling competition! If you want to use "normal" gasoline, buy a car that runs on that.

That is more than flawed... its plain wrong.

Lets try and fix it.

It would be akin to a company releasing a car that only ran on diesel, preventing companies from creating diesel in unapproved ways (from algae, corn, discarded food products), and then having some approval process for checking diesel that would prevent certain companies from selling fuel for the car.


Submission + - Senator to FCC: no broadcast flag for you!

Flag waver writes: Senator John Sununu (R-NH) will introduce legislation that will prevent the FCC from creating technology mandates for the consumer electronics industry. As a result, the FCC would be hamstrung in its efforts to revive the broadcast flag. '"The FCC seems to be under the belief that it should occasionally impose technology mandates," Sununu said in a statement. "These misguided requirements distort the marketplace by forcing industry to adopt agency-blessed solutions rather than allow innovative and competitive approaches to develop."' Sen. Sununu previously tried without success to remove the broadcast flag provisions from the massive telecommunications bill that died before reaching the Senate floor during the last Congress.
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - World of Warcraft now the size of New York City

DeadBugs writes: "World Of Warcraft has passed 8 Million subscribers. This would put it on par with the population of New York (the largest city in the United States). With the first expansion coming out since the game was released, the game could easily pass 10 million people.

From the press release: "Since debuting in North America on November 23, 2004, World of Warcraft has become the most popular MMORPG around the world. Today, World of Warcraft is available in seven different languages and is played in North America, Europe, mainland China, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and the regions of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.""

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