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Comment Monitors Are Still Garbage (Score 1) 146

Monitor prices continue to fall, but their quality does as well. The setup in this article is using 3x 1920x1080 monitors. What happened to all the 1920x1200 displays? Where are our 120Hz refresh rates? Multi-screen gaming is in the same place it was 5-7 years ago. How does this fluff make it to slashdot?

Comment Nothing to do with music (Score 2) 167

This money get used to push internet censorship bills like COICA and Protect IP through congress, and into Obama's pocket in exchange for appointing their lawyers into powerful government regulatory positions. The RIAA has very little to do with music. It is an evil organization and currently one of the biggest threats freedom and privacy both in the US and around the globe.
The Internet

Submission + - Westboro Baptists Stage Fake Anonymous Threat ( 1

lenwood writes: "Last week there was a story on /. reporting that the hacking group Anonymous was staging an attack against WBC ( Turns out that this was a publicity stunt staged by WBC themselves. Anonymous issued a press release disassociating themselves from this."

Submission + - Fox News Doctors CPAC Video Footage ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Fox News is caught splicing audio from the 2010 CPAC convention's straw poll over 2011's straw poll to paint a negative picture for the winner Rep Ron Paul R(Tx).

Submission + - Is bullet storm the worst video game ever? (

An anonymous reader writes: Fox News is implying that Bullet storm is going to make kids rape and pillage our towns. Just as an FYI, what the psych doctor says about “The increase in rapes can be attributed in large part to the playing out of [sexual] scenes in video games,”
is BS.


Submission + - Piracy boost sales, says Japanese Government study ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: A new official study seems to confirm what a lot of the Slashdot crowd thinks, and the opposite of what the **AAs say:
"A prestigious economics think-tank of the Japanese Government has published a study which concludes that online piracy of anime shows actually increases sales of DVDs. The conclusion stands in sharp contrast with the entertainment industry’s claims that ‘illicit’ downloading is leading to billions of dollars in losses worldwide. It also puts the increased anti-piracy efforts of the anime industry in doubt."
More specifically, "(1) YouTube viewing does not negatively affect DVD rentals, and it appears to help raise DVD sales; and (2) although Winny [a popular P2P program in Japan] file sharing negatively affects DVD rentals, it does not affect DVD sales."

United States

Submission + - Patriot Act Up For Renewal, Nobody Notices

Ponca City, We Love You writes: "When the Patriot Act was first signed in 2001, it was billed as a temporary measure required because of the extreme circumstances created by the terrorist threat. The fear from its opponents was that executive power, once given, is seldom relinquished. Now the Examiner reports that on January 5th, Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) introduced a bill to add yet another year to the soon to be expiring Patriot Act extending it until February, 2012 with passage likely to happen with little debate or contention. If passed, this would be the second time the Obama administration has punted on campaign promises to roll back excessive surveillance measures allowed under the act passed in the wake of 9/11. Last years extension passed under the heading of the Medicare Physician Payment Reform Act. "Given the very limited number of days Congress has in session before the current deadline, and the fact that the bill’s Republican sponsor is only seeking another year, I think it's safe to read this as signaling an agreement across the aisle to put the issue off yet again," writes Julian Sanchez."

Submission + - Knocked-Out AOL: How The AOL Servers Were Hacked (

Atlant0s writes: AOL Corporation has always been a kind of honey pie for all possible kinds of hackers.Looking at all this magnificence you won’t be surprised that one day hackers forwarded XSpider tool to one of the AOL networks in the range of — So here's how the things turned out...

Nuclear Bunker Houses World's Toughest Server Farm 152

Lanxon writes "Deep inside the Swiss Alps, a former nuclear bunker is now the ultimate hiding place for the world's most sensitive secrets — the Swiss Fort Knox. In a lengthy feature, Wired gains access to the server farm designed to survive a full-scale military attack. From the article: 'As we punch our codes at the checkpoint, the yellow door opens into what looks like a city of server towers, their green LEDs flickering as a technician in a white jumpsuit runs diagnostic checks. [Later], we are in a dimly lit tunnel next to what looks like a metal oven door carved into the side of the rock. "These are expansion rooms in case you have an atomic explosion outside," Christoph Oschwald, a retired Swiss paratrooper turned contractor, says. The thinking behind the rooms, he explains, is that if there were a nuclear explosion, the rush of high-pressure air would fill them through vents in the opposite side. Then, the vents would snap shut, trapping the air before it had a chance of damaging the fortress. "There is a lot of protection you can't see," he says. We stroll past an intricate network of insulated pipelines that carry water up from the underground glacial lake to the cooling system.'"

Submission + - Over 75 law profs write letter to Obama about ACTA (

whoever57 writes: Over 75 law professors have written an open letter to President Obama, calling for meaningful public consultation on ACTA, and noting that the proposed adoption of ACTA as a sole executive agreement is probably unlawful. The letter notes how the ACTA negotiation process has been in conflict with Obama's promises of openness and transparency and that the treaty has been misrepresented, since its terms apply equally to both counterfeit and genuine items.

Submission + - Users Sue Google, Facebook, Zynga Over Privacy (

Trailrunner7 writes: A raft of class action lawsuits filed in Federal court charge the globe's biggest social networking firms with violating federal communications privacy laws, allowing advertisers to profit from personal information harvested from users.

Weeks after the Wall Street Journal blew the whistle on lax data privacy standards on Facebook, a string of class action suits attempt to hold the social networking giant, as well as game company Zynga and Google liable for what the suits contend are lax practices that allow advertisers to harvest personal information on Web users.

The suits are seeking monetary damages on behalf of potentially millions of users of Facebook, Google and game company Zynga. The suits allege that the users' personal information has been leaked to advertisers and other unauthorized individuals, in violation of the companies' privacy policies and a number of state and federal statues protecting the confidentiality of electronic communications.

Submission + - 1TB PCIe SSD Boasts 3X SATA Performance (

Lucas123 writes: OCZ has just released a solid state drive with up to 960GB capacity that it claims has three times the performance of even the highest-end competing SATA SSDs. OCZ said the new drive can generate up to 120,000 IOPS and has read/write speeds of around 720MB/sec. Along with four PCIe lanes, the drive takes advantage of four SandForce-1200 controllers for its performance. You'll also pay through the nose to own the drive. A 250GB model retails for $669 and the 480GB model goes for $1,397.

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