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Comment Re:A year too late. (Score 1) 309

This is bad advice unless you are writing brilliant native code by age 15. Someone who just completed their first full-scale website has a ways to go before he's viable in the job market for a competitive job. Plus you'll miss out on all the parties, girls (or boys I guess), and networking opportunities that school can provide.

Comment Do it on the side (I did) (Score 1) 309

My background experience was very similar to yours going into college, and while my major ended up being neurobiology, I made money throughout college developing websites freelance for local businesses and school-related organizations. The way I found clients was to tell everyone that I knew that I was available for website contracting jobs and people would just come to me. I made enough to send myself to Europe AND still have money for beer.

Like you, I found front-end development interesting, but I really loved the back-end work. But if you want to be a full-stack developer one day, you should continue to hone your design skills so that you can complete a full professional-looking website all by yourself without anyone else's help. Also, don't write off front-end work as not being 'programmy' enough. With modern tools like Bootstrap to take care of a lot of the boring work (like forms) and the modern javascript libraries like Angular or Ember or ExtJS, you can do a ton of cool front-end work while still feeling like you're doing more legitimate coding.

Comment Re:Now and then.. (Score 1) 270

10 Years ago: Single Living alone Expendable income

Now: Married House Dog Kid Budget

Lets just say I am glad the days of all night Molten Core runs are over..But I do miss it sometimes.

I could have written the exact same post :) Since I stopped playing games like a crackhead, I've picked up golf and woodworking! It feels much better to do have an effect on the real world after 12 years of almost constant game playing.

Comment Re:Users are morons (Score 1) 262

Oh, and because our UI guys never *use* the site, I end up able to design a better UI than they do

That couldn't be more true. If you aren't developing the functionality of a UI, just the design, you can't possible develop anything good. Once you get into how a control will function, you can understand how a user might react to it intuitively in relation to the rest of the UI.

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