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Comment Re:Is it just me, or... (Score 1) 684

Bearhouse, thanks much for your civility and for actually taking the time to read my post and not respond predictably, as the other poster did. I'm always happy to talk about Scientology with someone who, though they may not agree with my religion, will at least respect my right to have it and not stomp all over it. Although I really don't shy away from those who do that, either, it's just somewhat futile. So, on that note...

In response to the other poster, you have no need to be sorry for me, I can assure you. I won't be as presumptuous as you to return the sentiment, despite what my feelings may be on the matter. I find it rather audacious of you to assert that I will one day leave my church, since you don't know me and know barely anything about me. From your post, it's also pretty clear to me that you know very little of what Scientology really is and is about.

I know and of course know of some people who have left Scientology, some after a short time, some after a long time. Big deal. Who ever said that Scientology is for everyone?

Scientology at any and every level has nothing to do with worshiping anyone or anything or having faith. It is not dogmatic. Things purported across the inter-tubes to be 'beliefs' of Scientologists are absurd and honestly have nothing to do with what Scientologists believe. The mischaracterization of content that may or may not be on the OT levels and what these levels are about is rampant. But then, it's too easy to use the misnomer of 'secret teachings' and too appealing some peoples' sense of sophomoric humor to repeat falsehoods and gross mischaracterizations than to listen to the truth.

Onto your statement that your real problem lies with the 'church'... this is a pretty broad statement and I can't know exactly what you are subscribing this to, but I know the ins and outs and all of the gory details to be able to makes some guesses. However, I know also from much personal experience that these things hold about as much weight as so much of the other BS I have read in my time. For one thing, I know that the highest ranking people in the management of the Church work tirelessly for their religion, and they certainly don't make much money doing it.

(In my haste yesterday, I forgot to include the line breaks; sorry for the lack of readability there...)

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