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Comment A rebuttal to the 5 points... (Score 1) 1040

Thought Id take a moment and respond to the 5 points made in the seed article:

1. Dead Cops.

The concept of supporting the various individuals who put there life on the line to protect us on a daly basis is paramount, but I do not see how this ID card will put them in harms way. They have ID's now, do they list a P.O. Box or other non street address. Nice thought, and a hell of a way to open your. The thought of Dead Cops stirs a lot of emotion, but the point of the ID somehow leading to additional acts of violence against public servants is not made.

2. Stolen Identities.

Perhaps you have been asleep, but the little black strip on the back of your current drivers license contains a wealth of information. About you! If, for example, you happen to want to have a drink in a dry area of Texas, you will need to hand your ID to the bar tender for him/her to swipe the card and verify you have a uni-card membership. Again, your statements are based on fear and not of reality. And if you think this information is not sold of now, I ask you where all the junk mail (paper based) I receive comes from.

3. Government Spying.

So, now the government can look into my record within a state database. Ok, and I assume they cant do this now? Thats funny, the state of Florida was well aware that I moved from Texas to NJ when I called to update my address with the child support agency. Get over it Bill, "one database to rule them all" is not going to change anything. Other than make it easier on all of the agencies.

4. Papers, Please.

So, my passport, drivers license and SS card are not a form of identification. But now I will be burdened with a single ID that will be. Seems like a good idea to me, less to keep track of. I have not seen the technical specifications for the recommended card, but the example you have on your site shows the implementation with a "smart card". If this is the recommended technology, and if hey are smart, it will be. Then you have very little to worry about. Go take a look at the smart card specifications. They are very, VERY secure.

By the way, the smart card system also has a provision for "no contact" reading. Now I may be wrong, a technology may have already been proposed. And if so, I will be interested to see how. But I bet it has not been. And if that is the case, you have used the current fear surrounding RFID to cloud reality and make your statement seem more important.

5. Unsafe Roads.

Ok, this is just laughable. You obviously live in a part of our country that has no one driving without a license. Because, not giving someone a license is, by no stretch of the word, NOT going to prevent someone from getting behind the weal of a car.

So, in conclusion I still have no idea why people are so worked up over all of this. But I invite all of you to clearly state a valid concern. Otherwise, go complain about something else. Or better yet do something constructive with your time.

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