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Comment Re:What's the point? (Score 1) 511

OSX comes (used to come?) with outdated versions where a lot of Java programs don't run properly

Who cares what version is installed by default? OSX can be upgraded to the latest version, and any application that needs it ought to provide an installation package that does precisely that, or at least clear instructions to the user on how to do it.

As the person responsible for packing our commercial desktop Java app and maintaining its installer, I suggest just bundling the JVM with your product, but not as its own Installed package but inside your installation. It takes a bit of additional hard drive space if every app has its own JVM but it saves so much confusion and different version failures. The end user also doesn't have to worry about the abysmal Oracle updater because our JVM is not registered to handle browser applets or other stuff, so that security risk is just not there.

Comment Re:I'm ready to replace Make (Score 1) 179

Maven is great when you are ready to give up many freedoms in how to setup your build structure and do things exactly as intended. Then it works very well. Most of my projects work with a single parent pom defining stuff like metadata, repositories, java version, a project pom for every module with nothing more then dependencies and a single aggregator pom bringing it all together. if you stay simple, Maven is great. If you want to do complicated stuff, stay away from it.

In my personal opinion, that is a great way to do things. Leave the individuality and innovation to the software, let the build system be conservative and dumb. A well written Maven build is short, uses few plugins and is easy to read and understand. It still needs work to set it up, learn about the right way to do things and possibly change old habits.

I you are not prepared to give up individuality in your build system, stay away from Maven, there are better tools for scripting a build.

Comment Re:"Renewables are doing so well, infact..." (Score 2) 687

You have been referring to "importing energy" before, but now you're talking about electricity. Germany exported more electricity in 2012 than they imported. And I have a source for that:

Where is your source?

Comment Re:Java? (Score 1) 434

I guess Java installed via or such packages on PCs is going away. Most of the stuff in Java runs on a server anyway. Applets/JavaFX were never that useful. We still develop a desktop application in Java but are seriously considering just bundling a JVM with the app and be done with it. Btw. that's the only way to get a java app into the Mac App Store - Not that I have ever tried to do that.

The only thing I will miss is Webstart - I really liked the concept.

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