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Comment Re:What use for a BD-ROM or BD-R drive? (Score 1) 437

Sending HD quality family videos to family that they can just pop into the bdr under the tv. But macintosh never was a content production platform was it? ;)

You know, authoring media like DVDs and BRDs is a bit different than popping a disk into the drive and yelling burn. Creating HD content and authoring and burning BRDs is possible and fully capable on a Mac, with professional content creation software. There is just no way to watch a BRD on a Mac. At least AFAIK.

Comment Re:P.S. (Score 1) 212

Apple switched iPods, and by that decision later iPhones and iPads, to USB [after I think the 3rd generation iPods] because the FW controller in the device was too thick for their desires to make smaller/thinner devices, and the sheer speed and peer-to-peer qualities of FW were not necessary for users of iPods. You do a large transfer maybe once or twice, not all the time like a FW hard drive or something. Later, it is just a 20-100MB transfer, no problem for USB.

Comment Re:Google Buys building (Score 1) 166

Thanks for this reply, you are correct in all of this, I was simplifying the idea, but yes, there would be need for retrofit in the water system, but the fact that there is a groundwork for this is a plus. And yes, personal or localized power generation solves one of Google's largest concerns, which is the electricity reliability and cost. There is a reason they are wanting in right now in the process of the smart grid development in the US and the data that it will produce.

Comment Re:Google Buys building. (Score 1) 166

THis is an added bonus since paper mills typically have a closed loop system for the water use. They sequester the outflow since it contains possible toxic or harmful substances to treat and reuse in the process. This would be feasible to use this system to assist in a cooling system for the structure, reducing the need for AC and even more electricity. This will be interesting to see what goes on here, a possible model for using industrial structures by adapting and using existing infrastructure. Green methods in reuse and retasking.

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