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Comment Re:name one new thing you learnt via this leak (Score 1) 837

OMG! the us is assassinating taliban leaders? that is SHOCKING news, to everyone who's been living under a rock for the past decade. certainly, educating that strata of americans who are unable to point at pakistan on a map of asia is well worth the risk of exposing U.S. allies to deadly risk... equally shocking is this expose about civilians being mistakenly killed. during a war. that's lasted 8 years. key lesson from all this: curing illiterats of their magical bunny land dilusions is not a good enough reason to publish military secrets for all the world to see what happens if (when) a couple of people actually are killed as the result of this bs? the fact that we all suddenly feel compelled momentarily to change the topic of our public discourse isn't a good enough reason for wikileaks. and the fact that they can't even get their act together enough to redact properly just goes to show how amateur they are. whats at stake here really is freedom of the press. if we start assigning the label and the priveledge that goes with it to jerk offs like the wikileaks guy, there is a pretty good chance that actual whistleblowers and real news reporting may suffer. that is all the lesson for today, bobby.

Comment name one new thing you learnt via this leak (Score 2, Insightful) 837

Lets assume something completely crazy for a moment: that there really is information that ought to be kept secret. for example, launch codes for nukes. let's continue with the mental exercise so far as to say other facts may similarly be in the legitimate national interest to conceal. I'll even give you that in some rare cases, THE TRUTH may be so shocking / valuable / topical / money making that that PUBLIC INTEREST demands disclosure. so, bobby, wtf is the one new thing you learnt from this leak? seriously? whats the one new piece of public interest type of info that you got from this? I sure as hell havent seen anything new. and why on earth couldnt someone have just REDACTED THE NAMES AND ADDRESSES of the informers?

Radioactive Boar On the Rise In Germany 165

Germans who go out in the woods today are sure of a big surprise, radioactive boars. A portion of the wild boar population in Germany was irradiated after the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown, and the boars are thriving. In the last two years government payments to compensate hunters for radioactive boar have quadrupled. From the article: "According to the Environment Ministry in Berlin, almost €425,000 ($555,000) was paid out to hunters in 2009 in compensation for wild boar meat that was too contaminated by radiation to be sold for consumption. That total is more than four times higher than compensation payments made in 2007." I think the Germans are overlooking just how much money there is to be made from regenerating bacon.

Comment Re:Reducing emissions does nothing (Score 1) 316

"plant trees not burn them" Dear faquino. Please, do be the 1st to start. Next time you get cold in winter, just go plant a tree instead of burning one, for warmth. And naturally, I assume your use of electricity to post on /. means you've generated at least that much energy via some "non tree burning" means, yes? Otherwise you might be a hypocrite, and you don't want to be a hypocrite, do you? In general, the "truism" that "conservation of energy" is somehow a virtue in itself has gotten so ffin old. A physicist will tell you energy is not some kind of precious nonrenewable resource. There are so many ways to generate energy and to use it to make life better for everyone & everywhere. pushing "plant trees not burn them" is like proposing going back to cave dwelling, and about as practical. id expect a comment like this on nyt, but not as a +5 insightful on /.

Comment Re:Stupid intelligence (Score 1) 695

These are not stupid people. What you think is an oversight, or misunderstanding of the medium is not what's happening here. This is all motivated by the sherif's desire for a few minutes in the spotlight. naturally, those minutes of attention can and often will lead to $$$ in the form of interviews, possible future political campaigns, etc. afterall, we ARE talking about the dude, arent we?

Spirit Outlasts Viking 2 Lander 137

ScottMaxwell writes "Spirit, the Mars rover designed for a 90-day mission, has now outlasted the Viking 2 lander. Viking 2 survived until its 1281st sol (Martian day); Spirit is now on sol 1282 and counting. Assuming both rovers continue to weather the ongoing dust storms, Spirit's sister, Opportunity, will reach the same age in a few weeks. They aren't breathing down the neck of the all-time record just yet, though — the Viking 1 lander lasted 2245 sols on the surface of Mars; Spirit and Opportunity won't break that record for another 2.7 Earth years."

Submission + - why aren't there more women in IT? 2

pretygrrl writes: a short nifty writeup in the WSJ with some basic stats on women in IT, management. From the article: "And teenage girls are less interested in computer science than they are in other scientific fields. Only 12% of the finalists in the 2005 Intel Science and Engineering Fair, a national competition for high-school students, were girls, compared to 54% of the finalists in biochemistry. Similarly, only 15% of the high-school students taking the AP computer science test in 2006 were girls compared to 48% of the students who took the AP calculus test."

Submission + - Can't find it with Google

aphexddb writes: I read about some neat software awhile ago. In order to bring better signal-to-noise meaning to email, the software gives email users a fixed number of points each day. Then people assign point values to emails they send, effectively weighting them. This way you can assume that when someone spends 20 of their daily 30 points on an email for you, its super important. And you can see based on trends that you may need to spend 5 points to have someone even notice your email. It's definitely available as an outlook plug-in/addon as well. Problem is I never bookmarked it and I can't freaking find this product on Google! Ahh! 1 hour of searching and the signal to noise ratio is off the charts when searching for email, collaboration, etc. Does anyone have any tips on how to find something long after its left your browser history and short term memory?

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