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Comment Re:Al Gore meme update required (Score 2, Informative) 39

Not surprising information for any slashdotter who had been, you know, paying attention.

Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn's letter to Declan McCullagh defending Gore, who was primarily responsible for spreading the "invented the internet" meme via articles in Wired, dates from 2000 and is here:


(as much as the internet can the invention of anyone, it's the invention of Cerf and Kahn, who invented TCP/IP).

As they say, a lie can go around the world and back while the truth is lacing up its boots. McCullagh, whose libertarian sympathies were never much of a secret, never apologized for his role in smearing Gore. He's now chief political correspondent for CNET.

Journal Journal: Mod B-b-bombed! 8

* Moderation of "How does commercial Free Software work? 9:21 17 January 2003
* Moderation of "How does commercial Free Software work?" 9:21 17 January 2003
* Moderation of "question" 9:22 17 January 2003
* Moderation of "what the heck?" 9:22 17 January 2003
* Moderation of "IN SOVIET RUSSIA..." 9:22 17 January 2003
* Moderation of "oh please" 9:22 17 January 2003
* Moderation of "whatever" 9:25 17 January 2003

Now I can't post anony


Journal Journal: Holy Mosis! 4

Website still not up, obviously. I've just been too busy partying and preparing for teh holiday and whatnot.

So I noticed that we can now add AIM/ICQ/Jabbar IDs to our user info. Hopefully this will help me meet new friends. Also, there is a space for an "ical" calendar...anyone know what that is? I tried googling, and it's just a bunch of Mac stuff. Can I make an ical calendar on teh Lunix? TIA.


Journal Journal: Time For A Jourrrrnal 1

My website is down. Many apologies. Assuming there are no more Apache holes found in the next week or so, it should be up again soon, at a different address. It's also time for an influx of new content, though Christ only knows when I'll get around to making some. Maybe I can archive links to a few of my best Slashdot comments! Though I only kept a couple. So whatever.

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