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Comment real advice from a married geek (Score 1) 1146

1. have fun 2. stay best friends 3. get it on at least twice a week and keep it freaky. physical intimacy leads to closeness the rest of the time, too. Keeping it interesting, uh, keeps it interesting 4. pick your battles. Is this *thing* worth arguing about? Is it *really* worth arguing about? 5. be able to be wrong and be able to verbalize and appologize 6. compliment her every day.

Comment Re:VNC (Score 1) 172

yea, you can RDP to windows, telnet and ssh from an iphone to windows/linux.

As with my linux boxes... why run wine or make windows apps run on Linux when I can connect to one by remote? Doesn't everyone run VMWare for that kinda thing nowadays?

I guess not. I can kinda see a pack of monkeys with sticks, beating on a monolithic silver and glass device...

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