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Comment I never even noticed AMP until last week. (Score 1) 55

Last week, a friend on facebook posted a link to $ARTICLE_URL and it confused me. I didn't understand why they were linking to google instead of $ARTICLE_URL.

I have never seen an AMP site, because on mobile, I only surf with Firefox + Desktop by Default and Phony addons, and with Phony's user agent set to "Desktop Firefox" (For some sites, you gotta' use both). I've hated "mobile" sites so much for years that I've been avoiding them since before Google rolled-out AMP.

Honestly, Firefox for Android is the only thing that makes mobile browsing tolerable for me. All the mobile browsers I've ever seen on every "Mobile" OS are just absolutely fucking horrible. Firefox for Android is the least horrible. I tried Desktop Firefox on Ubuntu Touch, but Xmir has too many nasty bugs to be usable.

Comment Re:Hardware or software? (Score 1) 351

I doubt it's hardware, so wiping the drive and installing Windows or Linux from a fresh ISO should get you back to lotion pounding again.

But what about other computers, such as iThings or Android computers? I can't find the text of the bill anywhere. Would these be covered? It can be quite difficult to replace the OS or remove pre-installed applications on these computers. "Fuck it, I'll just switch to SailfishOS" isn't an option for most computers which can fit in your pocket.

Comment Re:Before or after? (Score 2) 227

Private companies and organisations are free to enact their own codes of censorship for using their services. This is just as censorious as having a dress policy. You use their services, you abide by their rules of censorship. It is absolutely censorship.

You don't have to be a government to be a censor.

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 131

prepaid CC FTW


I tried to use Uber with one. The app let me create an account, but when it actually came time to get a ride, Uber wouldn't take my prepaid. Even though it had several hundred dollars on it, and I had the $20 first-time-user credit, and my ride was only expected to cost $12 (meaning I shouldn't have been expected to pay anything anyway), the app refused to let me book a ride, citing "There is a problem with your card, please use another."

So, I just called a real taxi and paid cash. Then, I uninstalled the Uber application.

I think they don't want to do business with a card that can't be overdrafted.

I would have liked liked to be an Uber customer, but they simply refused to take my money. Fuck 'em. Now they're rolling out invasive tracking. Fuck 'em again. Of course, their whole "we're not a taxi company, so we don't have to deal with licenses and permits" shtick is nonsense. Fuck 'em some more.

Comment Thankfully. (Score 1) 259

I was not affected by this bug. Thankfully, my USB hub is also not working after the anniversary update, so plugging in my Kindle was unable to crash it. I'd make a video to prove it, but the update also broke my webcam.

All that stuff is working fine for me on Arch though. I had only booted Win10 because I wanted to play the new Deus Ex, but since it looks like a Linux port is likely coming soon (Thanks Feral!), I guess I'll just keep not using Windows, and play the game in a few months.

Comment Re:Lawyers get millions (Score 1) 232

The real winner hear was the one or two corporations doing super computing with PS3s. They likely have that info

Since they were never destined for gaming, they likely also never installed the update and never lost any functionality. If not for obsolescence/power expenses, they could still be chugging along right now. Sony could easily justify refusing to pay them, because they never harmed them.

Comment Re:Lawyers get millions (Score 1) 232

The only proof required should be proof of ownership of a PS3 which was manufactured before they removed the OtherOS feature. A serial number should suffice.

The full retail purchase price should represent the actual damages. Sony should pay 3x that, because their actions were performed knowingly and willfully.

The executives responsible should face criminal charges.

If it puts them out of business, good. Fuck 'em. They're a bunch of criminals and thieves and they should go out of business.

Comment Re: Edge on Linux and OS X could kill Firefox. (Score 1) 260

A huge share of web browsing is now done on smartphones, tablets and even chromebooks where Firefox is a complete non-starte

Firefox for Android is a non-starter? I've never had any trouble launching it.

Firefox is arguably the best browser available for Android. It certainly sucks, but all the others suck even more. At least some Firefox extensions are supported on Android (we have uBlock, but no uMatrix), compared to the complete absence of them on Chrome.

Even though FF for Android is the best, it really does suck quite a lot. Sadly, the only way to run a decent browser on Android is with a desktop Linux in a chroot, where you can use desktop Chromium or FF.

Comment Re: Torn (Score 1) 405

A free-thinking libertarian once gave me a great acid test for weather or not laws should exist: Would the existence of such a law have helped the colonies overthrow King George III or would such a law have helped King George III keep hold of the colonies?

I don't understand. Which condition should the law satisfy in order to exist? Also, what exactly does it mean to "help the colonies overthrow King George III"?

A law that would explicitly enable the revolutionaries to stand up to King George III would be a law that would help the colonies overthrow the King.
"We want guns and cannons and stuff!"
"Okay. Free guns and cannons for all colonists!"

What about a law freeing the colonies of taxation?
"No taxation without representation!"
"Okay. No taxes then."
"Yaaaay! This king RULES! No revolution!"

What about a law giving the colonies a voice in Parliament?
"No taxation without representation!"
"Okay. You can have some seats."
"Cool. Sounds fair. No need for revolution."

An overly oppressive law could also help the colonies to overthrow the king, by strengthening the resolve and numbers of the opposition.
"This king sucks!"
"Oh yeah! Well I claim primae noctis on all marriages in the colonies. You also have to pay your own way to England. You can't get married otherwise. We'll kill you if you don't comply."
"Let's kill him!"

Does timing matter? Couldn't the same law have different effects during different stages of the revolution? Consider something which, early on, would be non-controversial and "nip in the bud" revolutionary activities. However, if enacted after the colonies were already in revolt, this same law would be seen as oppressive and instead fuel rebellion?
"Don't talk to Ben Franklin!"
"Ben who?"
"Don't talk to Ben Franklin!"

Is this really a good test? Wouldn't the most oppressive laws imaginable actually pass, because they would incite revolution? Should the gov't really pass crazy laws simply for the purpose of provoking the public?

Oh, and it's "whether". /pedant

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