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Comment Re: What about women harassing men? (Score 1) 345

You're right, most men weren't oppressors, but most oppressors were men. That's the entire point.

Those male oppressors did some things to women, and other, different things to men. Neither of these experiences invalidates the other, no matter how much you'd apparently like to think it does.

That evil regime you're talking about, funny story, if it's the one I think you're talking about, it was made by ... white men.

Comment Re:What about women harassing men? (Score 1) 345

No, you're ignoring the entire span of human history, from the classic stories of female betrayal (so classic they're in the damn Bible), to the medical concept of "hysteria" that could be cured by a fingerbang, up to the long-standing idea of husbands "owning" their wives that survives today in many places in the world (including such things as "marital sex can never be rape"), so clearly no individual instances I pick will satisfy you.

Oh wait, I just picked some. Will they satisfy you? Do I care if they do? We'll find out!

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