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Comment my analysis of slashdot drone responses (Score 1) 223

This is all sideline commentary. It's like watching poker on TV and thinking/assuming you understand what's going on in their minds:

Slashdot-bot response #1: "Sounds like a case of Google in a Microsoft's clothing."

Who says they haven't been already? You get big enough and it's growth by acquisition -- though you could argue that Google bucks the trend. That it intends to grow organically while acquiring. Anyway, it's all a big wankfest unless you're an investor, or run a business affected by it. If you're a corporate drone, it's just sideline talk -- get the fuck back to work (talking to myself too :)).

Slashdot-bot response #2: "So much for _that_ motto... as if they lived by it in the first place."

I say people read into it way too much. I mean, it's notable that no other company would share the same motto but don't look at it as official legislation. "Don't be evil" has a history and has morphed into more that what it was -- which I say was just a small group that came up with an interesting corporate core value.

Slashdot-bot response #3:
"So they simply killed it because it did not bring them any revenues!"

No - how do you know that? This just freaking happened a few days ago. You somehow have seen/read/understood the paperwork of the deal? Will it come back in some other form? Was it just to get the programmer?


How To Play HD Video On a Netbook 205

Barence writes with some news to interest those with netbooks running Windows: "Netbooks aren't famed for their high-definition video playing prowess, but if you've got about $10 and a few minutes going spare, there is a way to enjoy high-definition trailers and videos on your Atom-powered portable. You need three things: a copy of Media Player Classic Home Cinema, CoreCodec's CoreAVC codec, and some HD videos encoded in AVC or h.264 formats. This blog takes you through the process."

Comment In the end, the pricing is business minutiae (Score 1) 437

In the end, the pricing is business minutiae. The idealist in my says:

- prices will fall over time
- increased availability of content is a good thing
- this will increase the pool of content to bittorrent/rapidshare/hotfile/rsync
- if this encourages more people to read more books, this is a step in the right direction

IMHO in the end who cares how big your bookshelf is or how full your drive is of you don't read and think (critically) about what you're reading.

Comment my summary of the white/sales paper - fluff mostly (Score 4, Insightful) 132

This is basically 7 total pages:

* first couple pages on installing bitorrent'd software
* Page 4 and 5 about people who installed openssh on their jailbroken iphones and didn't change their passwords
* last page has citations back to their own blog

The meat of it is about PDF, Java -- surely those have a more widespread effect right? But they spend a lot less words on those topics. Note that all the visuals have to do with the stupid ssh-admin-password and bittorent'd malware.

Skip to the concluding paragraph -- they just have to emphasize the iphone again.

I was going to say "I declare this posting unfit for Slashdot" but the good I see is that we can pick it apart to sort out the fluff.

My rating system on severity overall on the entire population of apple products:

1) pdf/java (5 stars)
2) I-enabled-ssh-w/o-a-password (1 star - you're fault for being a retard)
3) Charles Miller iphone vuln (5 stars when it wasn't patched)

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