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Comment Re:Quite the insider job - just a setup? (Score 1) 104

Not really... there are plenty of people that might know your unpublished cell number like ex wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend co-worker employee any of which might hold a large enough grudge to take the time to do something crazy.

We had disgruntled ex-employee call and make appointments for breast enlargement consultations at every place in the area for one of our managers. They also had a bunch of free brochures and news letters sent to her home address and email.

Comment Re:Hollywood loves reboots (Score 1) 194

How about no commercials on the channels that I pay for. I haven't had cable TV for a long time and you would think that I don't see commercials anymore but cbs, cw, nbc, etc... have a lot of their prime time shows available to stream for free with commercials... but if upgrade to something like cbs on demand and start paying I expect it to be commercial free.

Comment Re:You are wrong. Elon is right. (Score 1) 256

The problem isn't that the media wants to report the out of the ordinary, the problem is that they are conveniently leaving out facts to make it appear worse than it really is.

It reminds me of the anti-cigarette commercials there are plenty of good reasons to not smoke but they are running commercials that say there is methane in cigarettes just like poop when in actuality you would have to smoke for multiple lifetimes just to get enough methane out of a cigarette to equal the amount of methane an average person pays to have pumped into their house each month to their furnace, water heater, and stove cook with.

Comment Re:Grass is always greener (Score 1) 92

I watch the free cbs stream it looks like when it finally airs it'll be available on the channel and the stream but not netflix at least until the second season starts and then if it is, it will only be the first season. I have no idea what is available on the paid cbs service but the free version has commercials and the current season of most of their prime time shows.

I've noticed that not all but some of the shows I like will have the previous season added on netflix just before the new season starts and I can watch the entire previous season and catch up on anything I missed.

Comment Re:Welcome distraction (Score 3, Insightful) 98

I have no problem multi-tasking so long as they are simple tasks and not problem solving... Some times I need to distract myself from a difficult problem making coffee, a snack, or whatever thoughtless diversion... email though is too much of a diversion since at least some of it actually important.

Comment Re:Nearly useless (Score 1) 65

The makers of the camera also provide an Android/iOS app which can allow a remote viewer to connect to an officer's camera, effectively turning police operatives into walking CCTVs

is it just me or does this sound like a hack waiting to happen... if they take the time to change the default password and actually secure them.

Comment Re:years behind (Score 1) 154

A big war is most likely inevitable but with who knows and not for the reasons publicized in media... sure there will be some issues moral or otherwise, disagreements exaggerated and blown out of proportion and used as an excuse but in the end it will be entirely an economic motivation that really turns the screws.

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