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Comment Re:Synesthesia (Score 1) 111

The tfa suggest it is more common in musicians to hear motion and as someone with a degree in applied music... First I'm not clairvoyant although I can with good accuracy listen to a portion of a melody I've not heard before and complete it so long as it follows with music theory. I would not be surprised if anyone that loves music would be able to do the same to some degree especially if it's a new song from an artist that they listen to a lot.

As far as motion goes yes I can anticipate the sound that accompanies it along with patterns of motion to follow for some things. It has to something I'm familiar with just like a big sports fan is likely to know what the next play in a football game will be.

Comment Re:Nintendo EMU (Score 1) 69

The pie 3b about an hour and a half or 15 minutes the second time to stick the pie in a case w/heatsink plug into hdmi and peripherals write the retropie image to an sd card boot the thing up and configure it.... (it's mostly configured just out of the package not including getting roms copied to it) it does all of the nintendos up to n64 very well along with the older stuff atari, mame, celecovision, etc... (if you have a lot of roms you may also want to look into sselp/scraper on git hub)
if you have trouble with sound from the hdmi...

It also runs good with raspbian, it would easily make a good little general purpose computer for checking email, facebook, streaming video or music. OSMC works good on the pie 3b and is a snap to configure also.

I can't wait for the next version.... I hope it has more ram.

Comment Re:Neither true nor meaningful (Score 1) 118

Android may be #17 on this all time list but Sun Solaris is also on the list... Last year (2016) Android was #1 for the most new vulnerabilities. Sadly a lot of lower end android phones never or rarely get updates.

from symantec

In 2014, Symantec found that 17 percent of all Android apps (nearly one million total) were actually malware indisguise. Additionally, grayware apps, which aren’t malicious by design but do annoying and inadvertently harmful things like track user behavior, accounted for 36 percent of all mobile apps.

Comment Re:Apple is behind (Score 1) 66

I like my old iphone 4s that I still use but I'm not so sure about the mp3 player I had a magnavox that was nearly indestructible as I put it through the washer and dryer multiple times and it still worked after I let it dry out. An ipod would have been dead with a busted screen long before that magnavox finally died.

Comment Re:Irony (Score 1) 95

I'm not sure where you are form but I'm in Kansas I can look up all kinds of information on any address but it doesn't give the owner. Although it did come in handy when looking to purchase a house.

Property Value {multiple years}
Property Tax {multiple years}
# structures on property
sq feet
year built
each time it was sold and for what price

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