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Comment Re: Desert (Score 1) 457

There are some famous vineyards in Switzerland which is not on a coast, although you are correct most of the more famous vineyards are on the coast in Tuscany and France.

I can't tell you if they are fermented grape juice I don't drink but I know they are kind of expensive you can easily drop a grand at a tasting.

Comment Re: Desert (Score 1) 457

In the event that you didn't know there are 5 vineyards within an hour drive from my home in Kansas. California's growing seasons span the year round at least in some parts where as Iowa is 6-7 months of the year so I'm not surprised it produces almost twice as much.

no clue what last year was but heres 2015...

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 91

My youngest son is allergic to dairy products [not lactose intolerant] just that alone is really hard to avoid.

I'm not sure I could imagine a world without cake, muffins, cookies, donuts, pancakes, pasta, cheese, yogurt, mashed potatoes, ice cream, sherbet, chocolate, cookies, butter, salad dressing, chewing gum, and the list goes on and on.

Comment Re:fucking kids and millenials (Score 5, Insightful) 82

My son used to have a girlfriend that would facebook him while they were in the same room but rarely talked to him. It used to piss him off to no end she would come over and have her nose stuck in her cell phone the entire time then be mad that he didn't pay attention to her {aka he stopped checking her facebook posts because they were in the same room}

One day I jokingly told him that if he was that unhappy he should just text her a break up while she was sitting next him with her nose stuck in her phone and that's eventually what happened.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 91

Pasta, carrot cake, pancakes, some breads, and any number of other things have eggs in them, and if they don't eat animal byproducts like milk then it's almost impossible to eat anything. Nothing like telling a vegan that their pancakes have undeveloped chicken embryos in them.

Protein deficiency causes all kinds of problem for humans also muscle weakness, fatigue, hair loss, apathy, lower blood pressure, etc...

Comment Re:Tradition (Score 1) 312

If you are working on a windows domain in a windows world then power shell gives you some very nice tools that just weren't available previously all at one prompt and it has made a lot of advances since the first version. I don't know if it would be appropriate as a starting point for learning to program.

It really depends what you intend to program.

Comment Re:piracy is not theft (Score 1) 86

If I make software or something distributed digitally every time someone illegally aquires and uses or distributes a copy that is used I have been deprived a copy I "could" have sold. Their intent was to take and use the copy with out purchasing it. Despite what ever reason they where unwilling to purchase it they did want the copy enough to steal it and use it which means they may have purchased it in the future should circumstances have changed.

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