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Comment Re:Cold calls should just be illegal (Score 1) 105

I forgot about politics but I get town hall meeting teleconference calls that are legitimate. I didn't intend to but accidentally checked the wrong box on a form and just never got around to canceling it. I may have listened to the meeting twice in a couple years, and never requested to ask a question.

Comment Re:Cold calls should just be illegal (Score 2) 105

I don't remember ever receiving a legitimate cold call on my current land line and I have had it for almost 17 years. I get phones call on it 4-5 times a week mostly someone claiming to be an IRS agent, Microsoft technical support, or card service but it's not Rachael anymore.

I think the only legitimate calls I get on my land line are to confirm appointments for the doctor's office and vet or the pharmacy letting me know prescriptions are ready and these are few and far between.

Comment Re:How durable? (Score 1) 160

My power bill average around $170/month but I've gone electric on my appliances and added a electric heater in the garage but even before that I averaged around $130/month which would make 20,0000 in about 13 years

As for the roof... I live in the mid-west it's cheaper but i think your estimate is still of I'd need to have 6,000- 8,000 sq ft roof to pay that for just a shingle job.

Comment Re:this is why (Score 2) 115

It depends on the make model mine is like $200 a door for the motor and assembly then $30 for the switch... then you have to drill out all the pop rivets if it's never been changed before and good luck installing the new motor and assembly hope you have tiny hands... sound like a crappy Saturday to me...

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