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Comment Re:I am? (Score 1) 206

I didn't own a tv for about 10 years while in college and a few years after that eventually I got a TV and just watched OTA programing for maybe 5 years occasionally mostly for weather I got cable sometime around 2005 and cut the cord around 2010. Now I have Plenty of TVs but only internet and a netflix account, I buy DVDs for movies I want to see and just put them on my media server. (sometimes I'll take them to a place that trades DVDs and get some I haven't seen to put on my media server and then recycle)

Comment Re: Bravo indeed (Score 1) 424

Right because if she only wanted to make him jealous she wouldn't have recorded herself having sex with someone else and sent it to her ex-boyfriend and their friends. She was out to publicly humiliate him.

I have no idea how anyone can be that mean and spiteful but a few of my friends and I as well have had exs that have cheated in order to break up but that was before the rise of the internet and smartphones.

Comment Re:Bravo indeed (Score 1) 424

If the only intent of the video was to make her ex-boyfriend jealous then why would she also send it to their friends if not to publicly humiliate him? Why would it be a sex-video if not for revenge? Do you think it would be out of line say that maybe she wanted a million turrets raining down on her ex-boyfriend or at least she wanted him to suffer?

She could have just posted up clothed pictures of her new boyfriend all over facebook for everyone including the ex-boyfriend to see and made him jealous.

Comment Re:Bravo indeed (Score 1) 424

I don't think you understand she attempted to do this to her ex-boyfriend by sending it to him and their friends in a public and humiliating manner. Had this not been a revenge sex-video, she may have succeeded in doing to him what she did to herself.

If she had instead started shooting a gun at him and it ricochet and hit her would you still be thinking the same way? Would you be saying that it's not fair because her aim is poor?

Comment Re:Bravo indeed (Score 4, Insightful) 424

People want to share personal information with other human beings without sharing it with the rest of the world.

Granted there are people who share share private information in confidence with their friends and family but this isn't what happened. She sent a spiteful and mean video to her friends and ex-boyfriend in order to publicly humiliate and hurt him. It became more public than she had intended but if it had humiliated only him I imagine she would be feeling awfully satisfied.

I wouldn't do that to an ex and if one did it to me I wouldn't be sharing it with the world... the entire situation is out of control.

Comment Re:Sucks to be her I guess (Score 2) 412

I could be wrong, but generally gauge people pretty well.

There is not enough back story really to draw a conclusion.

People and the motives that move them through the day are not that simple, I would recommend against that type of attitude. People can't be categorized into a few personalities types.

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