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Comment Re:To be fair to Obama... (Score 1) 807

Please tell me then how the Republicans prevented Obama from marching our troops home the very month he took office (like he promised). Also please tell us why he'd say he stated that wouldn't sign the NDAA because it could be used to detain citizens and then signed it anyway with the provisions still in there?

I know you think this is about Democrats v. Republicans but when you realized that the NDAA passed despite the efforts of 7 bi-partisan senator's attempts to stop it (3R, 3D, 1I) then you begin to realize that we need to clean house of the whole lot of them (except the 7).

Comment Dead Wrong, and here is why. (Score 1) 807

You are reading only subsection of the entire section and not both. BOTH sub-sections are correct. Section 1031 gives the authority to detain ANYONE! even US citizens. Under the provision the military MUST detain the person. Section 1032 stipulates that the requirement that the military must detain the person does not apply to US or legal residents. Instead it is up to the president to decide if the military or the courts will handle the detention. President's discretion. In committee this provision originally stated that the Secretary of Defense had the discretion.

You only have to listen to Senator Levin and Barack Obama's own statements to understand that 1032 does NOT exempt US Citizens. So please do your research as I can tell that YANAL.

Read the Signing Statement. Here he affirms he has the power but promises not to use it.

Watch the movie. Again, he's talking about 1031 which is the detention subsection and NOT 1032 which is the requirement for the military custody.

Comment Re:The argument is miscast. (Score 0) 807

I love how everyone attacking Paul over the DoE instantly gravitate to nukes, as though that is all that the DoE is doing. This is utterly false. There are certain aspects of these departments that are critical and they get sent to other institutions or decentralized just as they were BEFORE its establishment in 1977. Yeah, that's right, this department is not all that old and there was nuclear oversight before 1977. What Ron Paul is purposing is vast savings by shutting down the aspects of the DoE that have enabled crap like Solyndra and taxpayer money being given to companies that are building cars in FINLAND!?!?!!

Comment Re:*SIGH* (Score 1) 165

Having spent some time in the Philippines and learned Tagalog and Ilokano. I love it when they call. I throw in an occasional; Salamat (thank you), hindi (no), and oo (pronounced like the letter O twice, means yes).

It is really interesting to see them taken aback and sometimes lose their place in their script.

Comment No good deed goes UNPUNISHED! (Score 1) 768

The lesson of freedom needs to be addressed here because the interference of the government is exactly why there is a 99%. It is also the reason why middle class is shrinking and people are burdened with debt both individually and collectively as a nation. I would state that in light of all these facts, those government officials who (with even the best intentions) artificially prop up one group of people over another damage the poor. Even when their intentions are to help the poor. This is the case with the housing bubble and it is the case with the student loan bubble. Sadly you CANNOT just spend your way out of these. You cannot 'bail out' the situation without creating yet another bubble. The market has to be allowed to pop. The real dis-service comes from say-anything-to-get-elected, politicians not having the courage to change this. We vote for the kids who says "he can't promise soda in the drinking fountains" instead of the true leaders. There is one politician out there who is willing to take a stand. He's the only one brave enough to take a stand and yes, people will say that 'He hates poor people'. But it is his respect for each and every person that will vindicate that. It is his knowledge that our system as constructed robs the poor of their ability to raise themselves. Ron Paul.

Comment Re:Subsidies inflate pricing. (Score 1) 1797

As someone who also took student loans to get through college I declare BS on your assumptions that tuition will skyrocket. The only reason why schooling costs as much as it does is because of the artificial bubble of these government loans. Did you learn NOTHING from the recent housing bubble? When you make loans of whatever amount to whomever you destroy the concept of the free market. Now schools can charge whatever he hell they want and there is no real competition in pricing.

Comment Re:In other words, we should give up. (Score 1) 2247

The DE does not establish schools and colleges. And you are correct that there has been a federal office since 1867. It was implemented as part of the reconstruction efforts following the Civil War. There is nothing about the post above that was untrue. Moving the useful functions of the DE to another department certainly seems like a sound way to deal with the financial mess. At least RP is doing something about it rather than rhetoric.

You are incorrect about the Student Aid and Pell Grant programs since this was specifically addressed by Paul in his proposal.

Comment Education != Department of Education (Score 1) 2247

Here you equate getting rid of the Department of Education as an attack on Education. The DE has only existed since 1979! I think it would be quite easy to illustrate the decline of the education system under the watchful eye of the quite recently created DE. Do you think that before the DE that children were not given access to free tax-payer paid schools? Education has always been and should be managed by the individual first and foremost, then at the family with involved parents, then at the community with involved teachers and local administrators and LASTLY at the state level. Getting rid of the DE only gets rid of the bureaucracy at the top and leaves the business of educating the children to the states and the communities which, quite frankly, manages the education today in spite of the DE.

So I agree with all your sentiment about the productive and beneficial uses of education in society. What I don't agree with is the notion that somehow a federal bureaucracy infrastructure has anything to do with the education of my children other than interference.

Comment Re:ClearOS (Score 1) 382

Agreed. ClearOS is very easy to set up and the LAMP stack is already there. They just released beta1 of ClearOS 6 this last week which includes php5.3.3, mysql5.1, apache. You can configure multiple domains easily from a web interface and can install most php apps by just using your windows workstation to interface with the ClearOS server (minimal or no command line).

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