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Submission + - PCMag's Dvorak Sees OLPC As Elitist Insult (fastsilicon.com)

mrneutron2003 writes: "To say that John C. Dvorak is soft spoken, unopinionated, and "PC" would be ridiculous right? Well we say that is ridiculous with a capital "R". Today at PCMag , John chimes in with a rather scathing rebuke of the One Laptop Per Child Project .

So what to do? Let's give these kids these little green computers. That will do it! That will solve the poverty problem and everything else, for that matter. Does anyone but me see this as an insulting "let them eat cake" sort of message to the world's poor? "Sir, our village has no water!" "Jenkins, get these people some glassware!"

Though we ourselves wouldn't mind to have one of these in the lab to review and test, we're equally in agreement with Dvorak on this one. Giving "gadgets" to children in locales where basic nutrition is a big question mark seems extremely foolish, elitist, naive and borderline insulting. Read his article in it's entirety here . http://www.fastsilicon.com/off-the-wall/pcmags-dvorak-sees-olpc-as-elitist-insult.html"


Submission + - AMD's cure for the TLB erratum worse than the bug?

AnInkle writes: The TLB bug in AMD's quad-core Phenom and Opteron processors was mentioned here earlier and is becoming common knowledge for the effect it's having on product availability and AMD's stock price. The Tech Report, who first reported details of "errata number 298" now has performance numbers on the Phenom with AMD's BIOS patch implemented. The results aren't pretty, as the benchmarks demonstrate an average penalty of 13.9-19.8%, depending on how the data's sifted, verses the same CPU without the patch. One positive note for Linux users is that an available patch for the Linux kernel is supposed to ding performance by only 1%, although the patch is unsupported by AMD.

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