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Comment Not going go down well (Score 2, Interesting) 273

The owner of the company I work for hates Microsoft with a passion, around 1/2 our office computers are now Mac's.
we have tried openoffice, officelibra etc. However the problem is they aren't 100% compatible, there is always formatting issues, colour issues, and in some instances data just went missing.
in the End, the owner gave in, and purchased office for MAC for all the machines, and also all the pc's. Unless something has massively changed in the last several months i can see this been a great waste of time and money.
With the amount of time it takes to get things done in government as it is, this is only going to slow them down even more.

Comment People forget (Score 2, Insightful) 804

This is a business level product.

While you can build one cheaper using DYI parts, however the time spent in wages, for souring the hardware, software and doing the software can add up very quickly


Then there is also support and maintenance - will having a custom built machine cost more in the long run?

The more you spent on the machine - the bigger the margin for the DYI version - however at the end of the day - is the cost worth it for business?

Comment Re:Work out where you want to go (Score 1) 167

I have been business for a while now, alot of people seem to take up the mantra "build it and they will come". It isn't like that at all. You need to network, let people know what you are doing, or willing to do, if you can't work out what to do to start with - people will start to ask you - as long as you keep networking. When that starts happening - you can start to work it out.

If you don't know your destination - you don't know how to get there - this is so true in business, if your going out on your own before you work out what you want to do - your going to go around in circles and never know how to contact - or what to build and just hope you'll get business, this is a plan for disaster.

Comment Work out where you want to go (Score 3, Interesting) 167

The first thing you need to do - is work out what you want to do.

Then you can start getting your skills together - and plans.

However in saying that, networking is always important, regardless if you want to start a business, or get into the higher rungs of management - no body is going to want your skills and services if they don't know about them.

If you want to start your own business, remember there is things like start up cash (you'll be running at a lose for a while - even a year or two if you don't have clients to start with), you'll need to be able to market your business to the right people

Are you going SaaS?
Are you creating software to sell in volume, or are you going to do custom work for every client?
Have chosen a vertical industry to go into?

Comment What's in it for them (Score 1) 284


At the end of the day, they'll more then likely earn commissions on referring people to the sites to get the "legal" version of the items, so it's in their interest to get this done and fast, it'll mean more profits for them in the long run.

In the end, it'll mean their earnings per customer will go up

Comment So Funny (Score 1) 272

Hope they don't try to enforce this here in Australia.

The Setup of the Apple store is the general way mobile phone stores have been setup here for several years. Colors and textures might be different - however the layout and form (of the tables / displays) of the stores are pretty much identical.

I am still amazed some of the patents are handed out in the USA.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 5, Insightful) 443

First, I'm Australian and not American, However i know how wrong this is.

He Stole:- Well no he didn't. If anything it was IP Infringement - and because of the way a law was made in 1984 it means it was a felony and he was going to spend 5+ years in Jail For. The DOJ took the case over from the state. The State was going to let him go with a warning, the DOJ took the case, and started stacking up the charges - 9 of them the i read - which was going to be 25+ years in jail.

Lets make this clear - if he *STOLE* a hard drive with the files on it, it would of been a slap on the wrist.
The law basically means if you break the T&C of a website or service, it's a federal crime which is what happened here.

He tried to do a plea bargain - but the DOJ said you have to plead guilty to all of them. He had a choice - fight and go bankrupt, then to jail. Plead guilty and goto jail, Or take his own life. He chose to take his own life.

Seriously, The People in the DOJ of the case should either be charged with some type of assisted suicide charges, or involuntary manslaughter.

Comment Something isn't right here? (Score 4, Informative) 240

If HP Issued the patches, and xerox pushed a fix, then who's fault is it really?

One of the biggest gripes about the patch release cycles is that they are slow. Companies like HP state this is for people to be able to do full testing etc to make sure nothing goes wrong. So the real question here is who didn't do their testing on the systems before the patches go live?

It's obvious there has been mistakes made, but blaming the wrong company/person never helps the situation. There are people who currently rely on the welfare payments to make ends meet, and ensuring this type of stuff doesn't happen is critical. Regardless if you agree or not to the payments themselves, while they are valid they need to make sure they are delivered on time and correctly.

Comment Re:Customer service amateurs (Score 2) 340

Well it probably wasn't their Fault. A few accounts hackers have admitted to hacking fan sites and getting usernames and passwords from there, and trying them against, quite a few people use the same logon details.. and account hacked. Not Defending them what has happened (according to this article), But alot of people are blaming blizzard for hacked accounts that had nothing to do with Blizzard. They have really F'd up big time with D3, but account hacking issues up to now haven't been because of them.

Comment Re:The trouble is... (Score 3, Informative) 155

Your Forgetting that the standing government is going to lose the next election, hell they might not even get to the end of their term. When a government is in this position they'll pass a lot of legislation that will be bad, look at previous governments in this country that knew they where going to lose - like nsw labour selling off the power companies etc...

Comment This could go bad seriously fast (Score 1) 120

and therefore violating terms of service and corporate use policies is not a federal crime.

If it was a Federal Crime, Basically what it would lead to, is private entities been able to send people to jail for breaking rules not set by the government (ie laws...). If this does start to happen, then the corporations have effectively directly taken over law making in this country, and could even possibly put in jail terms and penlites for breaking their tos's.

Comment Re:How many of those where linux pc's again? (Score 1) 110

They are running a "Business". You try to maximize your profits. More infections means more money to them. Time Vs Effort. It'll wildly more profitable to go after large targets like windows (and even Mac OSX these days), instead of things like BSD and Linux. They are Already up to 70k Accounts according to the summary, do you even think that there is that many people using Facebook from a linux system?

Comment Re:More from the Oxymoron Dep't (Score 1) 111

The Real Problem is, it can't be cheap, as if the wind stops, something has to generate the the power like gas turbines, which are expensive. We need some form of baseline renewable energy. Until we get that every solution we come up with is going to be expensive due to having to have to supplement the power when the primary energy driver stops (ie wind/solar/waves/etc).

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