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Review of Adobe Creative Suite 5 204

Barence writes "Adobe today updated its Creative Suite software to version 5, and PC Pro has an absolutely massive collection of reviews. Along with an overview of the entire suite, from Design to Web to Production bundles, every individual component gets the full in-depth treatment. It includes video demonstrations of Photoshop CS5's fabulous Content-Aware fill trick and new Puppet Warp function; a long-awaited step up to 64-bit for Premiere Pro CS5; and big updates to Dreamweaver CS5, After Effects CS5, and the rest."
The Media

Wikileaks Releases Video of Journalist Killings 1671

linguizic writes "Today Wikileaks released a video of the US military firing large caliber weapons into a crowd that included a photojournalist and a driver for Reuters, and at a van containing two children who were involved in a rescue. Wikileaks maintains that this video was covered up by the US military when Reuters asked for an official investigation. This is the same video that has supposedly made the editors of Wikileaks a target of the State Department and/or the CIA, as was discussed a couple weeks ago." Needless to say, this video is probably not work safe (language and violence), and not for the faint of heart.

Sprint Unveils HTC Evo 4G Super Phone 284

adeelarshad82 writes "Sprint dropped a bombshell on the CTIA Wireless trade show by unveiling the most powerful Google Android smartphone ever seen in the USA, the WiMAX-powered Evo 4G. The phone runs Android 2.1 on a 1-GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8650 chipset along with a helpful 1GB of built-in memory and 512MB of RAM, which is assisted by a MicroSD slot supporting up to 32GB cards. It swaps between EVDO Rev. A, WiMAX and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g on demand. The phone is dominated by a 4.3-inch, 800-by-480 65,000-color TFT LCD capacitive touch screen. There's an 8-megapixel camera on the back and a 1.3-megapixel unit on the front. The camera also records 720p, high-def video, which it can play through an HDMI out jack on the bottom. The Evo 4G weighs 170g and measures 120.5 mm by 67 mm by 13 mm. It's expected to hit the market in the summer."

EMI Cannot Unbundle Pink Floyd Songs 601

smooth wombat writes "Before the advent of iTunes and MP3s, EMI and Pink Floyd entered into a contract which stated that EMI could not unbundle individual songs from their original album settings. This was insisted upon by the members of Pink Floyd, who wanted to retain artistic control of their works, which they considered 'seamless' pieces of music. However, with the advent of digital downloads, EMI has been selling individual songs through its online store. Pink Floyd sued, claiming EMI was violating the contract, whereas EMI said the contract only applied to physical albums, not Internet sales. Judge Andrew Morritt backed the band, saying the contract protected 'the artistic integrity of the albums.' Judge Morritt also ruled EMI is 'not entitled to exploit recordings by online distribution or by any other means other than the complete original album without Pink Floyd's consent.'"

Comment Re:H-1B is a Fraud (Score 1) 605

I take it by the intensity of your post that you either are an H1B hire or have friends who are.


Ridiculous requirements mean that they cannot find Americans or Indians to fill the positions. This allows them to then proceed to HIRE and TRAIN low level programmers. One of the places that can support the vast number of low-level programmers happens to be India.

Wrong, wrong and wrong. My company hired me for a position that was vacant for more than 6-8 months because they couldn't find anyone qualified enough - irrespective of nationality. I've spoken with the HR and my immediate senior and they wouldn't have hired me, for MORE than what they were willing to pay anyone else to do the job.
Proceeding and training low level programmers tactic is not directly related to Indians(/foreigners) being present here. What makes you say that this tactic wouldn't be used by the companies even if only Americans were being considered to be hired? Why couldn't they list out ridiculous requirements and then underpay irrespective of the presence of Indians(/foreigners)?

Short posts are not capable of holding an argument that could take up the space of a book so people give shorter summaries. You might want to hold back the racist and ignorant comment till you think about the situation a little more.

The original post is racist. You could debate it all day long but it clearly makes a distinction between Americans and Indians, and how one is somehow magically responsible for driving the salaries down, when he's doing nothing different than the other.

Quick Summary

Companies can list ridiculous requirements for ANYONE and then hire someone for cheap and train. If H1B requires an H1B hire at least 85% salary compared to an American hire for the same position to be paid AND H1B filing costs and paperwork, they better get something out of that employee. They will not hire that employee if he's not going to make the company any money.

I'm not saying there isn't any abuse of H1B visas, not unlike for any other visa, its just that the posts here reek of a clearly demarcated bias and a generalization of most, if not all Indian programmers.

Comment Re:H-1B is a Fraud (Score 1, Troll) 605

Being an Anonymous Coward defeats your stand, but I'll play anyway.
If the company pays only 15% less for a "shitty" Indian coder (SIC) as compared to a "good" American coder (GAC), isn't the company over paying, given how the parent post was talking about hiring 3-5 SICs instead of 1 GAC for the same money?
Now why would a company hire someone who gets paid 85% of a good programmer but is only 20-35% as good?
Smells to me like an exaggeration, or wait racism. Pick one. So either the Parent was exaggerating

Comment Re:H-1B is a Fraud (Score 4, Informative) 605

You have made numerous sweeping generalizations and exaggerations in your post. 1. Far from ALL Indian coders are "shitty". Look at the many inventions and innovations attributed to Indians in American companies. Google for names. 2. The salary is an exaggeration. H1B requires the companies to pay as much to an H1B hire as to an American citizen with the same experience/profile. 3. If the companies scam by listing out ridiculous requirements for job positions, don't they apply to Indians as well? Are you suggesting Indians are generally more skilled than Americans? If you are, then I can see you have explained why an H1B hire could be of more value than an American. And not only are you racist, you're ignorant. Do you know how many Indians graduate from American Universities with Masters/PhDs? Those are a huge chunk of H1B holders. Have a nice day.

Comment Re:Billionth Indian (Score 5, Informative) 167

I am an Indian and what he's saying is true. Its not about being impatient and rude, its about making it or getting left behind. It may sound like a troll, but things actually ARE like that. If you want some thing to be done, there's two ways to do it India:

1. Pay someone (generally a middle-man/agent) and get your work done (be it anything, from getting a new phone connection/water connection/submitting some form for your passport etc).

2. Stand with the crowd, elbowing, pushing and shoving for hours before you're told to come back with more documents.

True story. I've done this everywhere including filling up any University form, to getting my passport, to getting into a train/bus to just plain old admissions into any college/school.

Grandparent is not trolling, but stating an absolute truth.

Comment Not this.. (Score 1) 45

I guess this means more and more people performing simple (that which does not need human judgment or intelligence) tasks will lose their jobs. This is akin to a war, where you make money selling weapons and ensure a comfortable future for yourself at the cost of others. Second Life and their creators will make money now, but everyone else loses. Pigs:1, Sheep:0.

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