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Comment Probably lies again. Just give it a few days. (Score 0) 848

If Russia really is invading Ukraine they should be in Kiev in a few days. And there will be nothing the U.S/E.U/NATO. can do short of a full nuclear strike on Russia.

So just wait a few days. If by then Russian tanks are in Kiev, or if there is a thermonuclar war and we are all dead, we then can conclude this story was true.
If not, it is a lie, just like all the other stories about Russian invasion since the beginning of the civil war in Ukraine turned out to be.

Truth is probably the Russians are non-officially helping the rebels with weapons and "volunteers", just like the U.S/E.U/NATO are unofficially helping Kiev with weapons and mercenaries.

Comment No surprise (Score 2) 512

Here in France we have:

- Massive immigration from Arab countries (1)
- Extremely stupid and obedient journalists (2)
- Very active Jewish lobbies that successfully implanted the equation "criticism of Israel = antisemitism" into the brains of said journalists and politicians.

It's only logical a lot of people support the Palestinians and hate the journalists. It's also expected that journalists will describe these people as antisemitic.

(1) more accurately Maghreb i.e. Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria
(2) they make the US mainstream press look like an example of professionalism, rigor and skepticism towards government propaganda

Comment Re:Did we already forget... (Score 2) 252

Exactly.Quote TFS :

The proposed law could reach well beyond the borders of California. Because of the difficulty and added cost of producing handsets solely for sale in California, it could serve to make kill-switch technology a standard feature on phones sold across the U.S.

No it won't. Every phone may well have the technical capability, carriers won't enable kill-switch unless legally compelled to.
Which is unfortunate. Having your phone stolen is not a pleasant experience. Being able to discourage it but doing nothing about it shows extreme levels of greediness and insensitivity. I guess this is hardly a surprise, though.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 2) 190

Earlier versions of C# are also an ECMA standard, but nobody cares either way. It's like looking for a sales bullet point which doesn't make any practical difference.

Agreed but this might be more Mircosoft's fault than ECMA's:
  - MS did not bother to submit to ECMA any of the nice things that happened after .Net 2.0, like LINQ or async/await
  - The MS "Community Promise" not to assert patents on the standard is somewhat convoluted and lacking. It obviously doesn't cover anything past .Net 2,0
Thus the ECMA .Net standard only allows you to implement a limited subset and .Net and maybe not be sued for patent infringement by Microsoft. Nothing indicates Google is going to play these kind of games with the Dart standard.

ECMA also standardizes Javascript and this standard tends to be implemented by the browser vendors, though somewhat slowly and imperfectly. So ECMA standards are not always irrelevant on all subjects.

Comment Re:but but.... (Score 1) 453

That's alright, it will be the year of the Linux dead desktop instead.

Makes sense - Linux can run on any hardware you throw at it. So the answer to "Yes but does the dead desktop run Linux?" is "yes". Whereas Windows requires standardized, modern, non-dead hardware for anything. It won't even boot on a dead desktop.

Comment Re:reasons... (Score 5, Insightful) 294

"He also warns against organizations justifying the shift to open source software on the grounds that it will save money, arguing this approach is always likely to fail."

Note that he doesn't say migrating to FOSS doesn't save money in the end. What he says is that if your migration project gets accepted only on money saving grounds, since cost estimations are very subjective, at one point some Microsoft-friendly bureaucrat with sufficient political weight is going to come up with an Excel spreadsheet "proving" the FOSS migration doesn't save money, and then kill your project.

so just to say FU MS?

That's one way to put it. But then it was MS who told them "FU dear customer" first, as in "NT and Office 2000 are dead so now you must buy XP and 2003 and if you need new PCs to run them too bad for you. By the way if you want authentication to really work well you must buy AD servers to replace your current directory system". It's about you being the one who decides on your IT strategy instead of having your monopolistic software supplier telling you what to do. It looks like a reasonable reason to migrate. It was the primary reason they gave and it saved their project from being killed by bogus cost studies.

Comment Re:catch me up now someone? (Score 1) 130

Makes you pay for the GPU, even if you don't use/want it.

This is like saying the disadvantages of apples is that they don't taste like oranges.

Also, you can get GPU-less versions if that's what you want (socket FM2 Athlon X2 3xx and Athlon X4 7xx for the current generation, guess they'll make similar Steamrolled-based ones sooner or later)

Comment Elop CEO? I doubt MS board is that dumb. (Score 2) 292

Even if Elop was staying loyal to Microsoft while working at Nokia, he failed them big time. Microsoft expected him to drive Windows Phone market share up, not to burn Nokia down.

I find it hard to imagine the Microsoft board is dumb enough to view such an underachiever as a serious candidate for the CEO job. All these stories leaking to the media telling the contrary might just be made up to give the impression that the whole Elop / Nokia / Windows Phone story was not the tragic failure it really is, and that the current Nokia buyout plan is not a desperate move where they don't get anything of value, but have to do it because there is no other choice.

Comment Re:Sorry, no. (Score 1) 726

One could argue there's a reason this was Ed Neumeier's last big screen script, and why Verhoeven hasn't made a Hollywood film since the turn of the century.

What does it prove? That he is not good at uninspired simple-recipe-based movies with non-stop annoying loud music like Hollywood has been systematically producing since the start of the century?

Comment Re:Unless, of course, you study the author... (Score 3, Insightful) 726

Maybe you too should watch the movie again then, because this point clearly open to discussion. One of the subtleties of the movie is that it doesn't directly criticize the idea of a democracy where only people who do service get to vote. If it had simply painted this system as a "bad bad dystopian" one the movie would have been a lot more black and white, and a lot more movie critics would have understood it.

Instead the authors do not make a judgement on the political system they depict. Sure there are some more or less fascist like images here and there, maybe in an effort to confuse the critics. But the system seems to work. The people who don't vote (Rico's parents) look quite well off, happy and not especially oppressed. The character who embodies the system the most - Racszak (Michael Ironside) - is arguably one of the most human and likable.

Instead the real human failure in the story is that first we start the war with the "bugs" (it's a shot that only lasts a few seconds so you have to watch carefully, when religious extremists cross the border and colonize a planet in their territory), and then we paint them as the bad guys anyway. And from the moment we are at war with them, we totally "de-humanize" them and act towards them in a quite psychopathic and sadistic way. I'd argue it would happen the exact same way in a nice non-fascist non-military-dominated universal suffrage democracy like we are supposed to have currently.

Comment Punks don't care about type inference (Score 2, Interesting) 667

I for one would like geeks to be like the lab girl in NCIS but in fact they are not. Most "punks" in IT are just doing their programmer job to get some money at the end of the month. They do not care about advanced computer language theory.

Anyway if you're one of the few geeks with piercings and really want your language to be "cutting edge" as TFA puts it, Scala, Clojure, Groovy, SISC, you name it, are available in the Java ecosystem. I'm sure you can even find some Forth dialect if you look hard.

As for most people with piercings they'll be glad to use a language that is neither too cumbersome like C or Cobol or Pascal or VB, neither too hard to understand or organize like ML or Perl or Scheme. Java is nice for them and will stay so even now Oracle has bought Sun.

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