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Comment Re:I call shenanigans (Score 1) 205

You have already been given two links where it is available. Sure, it is a loss leader at many places, but that doesn't make in unavailable. Why do you insist it isn't available? Will it make you happy if I keep buying them for $5 or $1 or whatever and sell to you? I'll take your 50% markup.

Comment Not new nor classified (Score 3, Interesting) 139

If you played the 'Harpoon' paper and pencil naval wargame in the late 80s, early 90s - not the later computer game that was based on the board game - this system was available to British ships in the Falkland Island scenarios. Given that the rules for the game were based on openly published data, I don't see how this is really 'news' to anyone. A quick search shows that there are references to this system in other publications in the 90s as well. The game effect was to cause planes at low altitude to break off their attack. For planes at very low altitude, namely Argentine pilots trying to fly below the engagement altitude of British SAMs, there was a percentage chance the plane would crash into the water.

Comment Before your continue.. (Score 1) 241

Take a look at why and how you're going through consumer grade equipment so quickly. Are you using it in a hot/dusty or otherwise detrimental environment? If so, buying expensive "enterprise" equipment is wasting your money. Unless you've had a rash of bad luck, there's no reason for so many failures.

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