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Comment Re:Well ... what do you expect (Score 1) 479

Mugabe had fun messing up Zimbabwe, not DRC or Republic of Congo. The issue with Zimbabwe after the land grab from the whites wass that you can't take a bunch of subsistence farmers who have no idea how to run large scale farms and put them in control. When you do a land grab like that, any company with any common sense pulls out, and everything went to hell like it did,.. Yes, during Rhodesia days, things were no good for the blacks and ammends and reparations needed to be made. It takes a special kind of stupid like Mugabe to collapse the economy the way it collapsed,

Comment Fuck Beta (Score 5, Interesting) 204

Slashdot Overlords, You can continue posting new stories, but we will just keep complaining about the beta. Can you meet us halfway and actually create a story for us to dump hatred into so that we can go back to commenting on articles we haven't read? This isn't going to go away, and you might have realized this is not the most patient and incapable group. In a week this whole community can be destroyed or moved...

Comment Just Fucking Stop (Score 2) 237

Making my first post in years to say this experiment is flawed by design. No one wants it, your audience is long established people that don't jump on to the bandwagon of unusable interfaces claiming to be Web 3.0 or whatever bullshit. When classic is no longer available, you will see the mass exodus that all of us have been threatening for years. When you get rid of the Beta site, can you throw Timothy in the trash with it please.

Comment Re:Who Would Jesus Scan? (Score 1) 329

This is wrong. #1 Proof of means(bank statement works) and intent to leave do not require a round-trip ticket. Just saying you plan to leave via boat to somewhere in Oceania/SE Asia will work #2 If refused entry at an airport, you get to hang out in the international terminal until you make your way to somewhere else. The only countries I can think of that will "jail" you instead of getting rid of you are countries that are really harsh with transit visas, and that can usually be bypassed by passing the transit visa cost officially or unofficially.

Comment Re:Who Would Jesus Scan? (Score 1) 329

At least you can opt out in the US. "The proposed Aviation Security Amendment (Screening) Bill 2012 will make it mandatory for any passenger selected to participate in undergoing a body scan. The "no scan, no fly" amendment closes a loophole in the legislation, which allows passengers to request a pat-down instead of having to pass through a metal detector." I guess everyone gets bugged by their own particular thing, long before these scanners I would almost always get an "extended search" on par with what the opt-out pat-down is now, while flying in the US. I take no issue with getting groped, and the TSA has actually been much nicer/more professional on the opt-outs the past month (In four flights this month I've yet to be treated with any animosity as opposed to right after the scanners showed up, just the procedural patdown and a polite professional molester.) Also, you can cross off Ukraine, at Kyiv Borispol International you have no choice but a scan and even asking otherwise can lead to unpleasantness.

Comment Re:MD degree is to long and the school mindset may (Score 2) 238

You bring up the M-M equation as something a doctor seeing patients wouldn't need to know. I do expect any doctor I go to to have a firm understanding of enzyme kinetics when it comes to prescribing drugs. Easy example. a misunderstanding of the widely variable half-life/alcohol effect on the half-life of methadone has led to more than a few deaths in pain patients/recovering addicts. Any decent physician in a large number of fields needs to stay current on new drugs/treatments. The understanding of continuing education courses and being able to determine whether something they are reading in a medical journal is feasible/utter bullshit is not something reserved for MD PhD's. Molecular biology (and just extra science courses in general) is essential these days as it is the direct that a lot of medicine is going I don't know if you've taken the MCAT, but the way of a lot of questions are presented (even in the biology & physical sciences portion) is more of a straight logic problem/understanding of the scientific method. On top of that a while back, liberal arts people complaining about the biology/chem major advantage had a larger portion of the MCAT pushed into the humanities realm.

Comment Re:Also alcohol (Score 1) 289

I'm not sure you have this correct. I've had connecting flights, outside Schengen to inside Schengen to another Schengen destination, quite a few times and have always gone through customs/passport control at initial arrival points. Same thing in multipart departure; you go through customs at your last airport before departing the country/zone. As recently as three weeks ago, I flew Kyiv to Munich to Amsterdam (and HEL -> CPG -> ORD returning a while later), and all immigration stuff was done/ I had to go back through security before being able to get to the Schengen/International terminal. At most airports simply to leave the international terminal to get to the domestic terminals you have to go through passport control & customs. I will admit that it is nicer in Schengen countries compared to USA that you don't have to grab your checked bag and recheck it when doing the transfer (doesn't mean they aren't looking through the bag, I had a card in my luggage saying it had been inspected). For an easy explanation of why, imagine you domestically connect to an airport that is not international and doesn't have customs/passport control.

Comment Another Grad Student (Score 1) 323

The grading work in sciences (chemisty) can be extremely easy or hard. If you figure it partial credit and do all the calculations with their number they screwed up on step 2. With teaching load at some universities, this is not a viable approach (yes spreadsheet this, do that, everyone finds a different way to mess doing things up). My grades tended to rise almost a letter grade as I got towards the end and would basically just check that they had it within an order of magnitude (Freshman classes, easy reports). The 20 page monstrosities I was guilty of scanning the "smarter" students finding an error giving them a 95 and let it be, I admit. I never targeted anyone for lower grading but almost the opposite effect of the freshman thing had happened as each lab is more or less the same and I'd peruse the smart kids first, the concept(s) they skipped/didn't understand were obvious, so the last student far far more likely to get a bad grade.

Comment This is news? (Score 1) 272

Other than the use of the brominated non-psychoactive analog of LSD to combat the headaches, the potential of the ergot derived drugs in helping with both migrane and cluster headaches is nothing new and has been explored in the literature (a lot of common migrane drugs out there are related to LSD). The thing that would actually be news would be if the DEA rescheduled LSD to make experimentation easier (getting a schedule 1 DEA license for research is next to impossible (schedule 1 by definition has no legitimate medical use), and even though not active at the doses they're giving for the headaches, I'm willing to wager a high enough would. The identical molecular scaffold and effects would push it under the analog drug laws, making the derivatives illegal without a license to world. Multiple components in hallucinogenic mushrooms have also been rumored (possibly confirmed, I haven't looked through pub med) to help substantially with migraine pain with one dose eliminating pain for 6-12 months. The mechanism is speculated to be something to do with certain 5-hydroxytyrptophan receptors (both LSD and certain alkaloids from mushroom have a base structure of tyrptamine IIRC)

Comment Re:For a school superintendant (Score 1) 505

There's nothing wrong whatsoever with the preposition at the end.

That is actually not hyper correction. You generally don't want to end it a preposition if the meaning of the sentence can be preserved without it. The sentence is however written so badly I'm not sure whether or not it would change the meaning of the sentence. It should be written as "... for which Michigan wants to on top". Both the rule of don't hang a preposition and that it's okay to end a sentence in a preposition are not entirely correct for modern mainstream usage.

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