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Comment Path to the Dark Side: PC Gaming Prioritization (Score 1) 94

The war between open and closed source has coalesced in the gaming community. Take Infinity Ward vs Steam for example. Both have great games; however one allows for open source utilization and private dedicated hosting, while the other has recently chosen to horde their source code and even the rights to multiplayer dedicated hosting. You would not think that these two giants would be conspiring, especially with both of their track records in the gaming community, but I have drawn some dangerous conclusions for the entire gaming community in my mind about such things: We must examine the recent developments to come to this insane conclusion of mine: Both corporate giants Infinity Ward and Steam have sold out to each other: You can’t play Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2 without steam on the PC version, and at the same time Infinity Ward has decided to not allow the PC version to have private dedicated servers! This is a dangerous leap towards PC gaming prioritization, all in the name of “keeping the PC on a level playing field with consoles”. How many more people will buy into the amazing DRM abilities of Steam and then lock every open source aspect of their game? Will Valve follow suit? I fear that there is an inevitable slow prioritization happening in the PC gaming world. For once the PC world becomes as DRM restricted as efficiently as the console world, both console and PC gamers will be screwed in quality, hosting, and pricing. I do not believe that anything good can come from this new trend seen emerge with the Steam/Infinity Ward convergence with the CoD:MW2 release. Unless PC gamers are able to restrict themselves from supporting these colossal game giants to protest their move to not allow things like their disabled dedicated server capabilities, we will be allowing these companies to succumb to the inevitable greed that will prosper in this world of PC gaming prioritization. The scary part is Infinity Ward is apart of Activision, and Activision is apart of Blizzard. You can see how the conspiracies can fly off the handle from here.

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