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Comment Re:But (Score 1) 375

windows 2000 was supposed to be what we look back at xp as being, but didn't sell as well as expected. thus winme was thrown in to fill in the gap while the nt-based consumer/enterprise combined os was redone and became xp.

the main issue with 2000 was hardware support. by the time xp came out the driver list for 2000 had increased (much like vista->win7 but in terms of outright support rather than stability)

Comment Re:God Particle (Score 1) 190

the logic falls down, however, when you note that something that cannot change cannot create. to create implies action and action implies changing of state.

if 'god' cannot change (by your logic) then he/she/it cannot have created the universe, which brings the same problems as 2 and 3.

Comment Re:God Particle (Score 1) 190

This is as good an argument against god as it is against the big bang.

Couldn't have said it better. The number of people i've heard say 'but it makes no sense that the universe just appeared' but are happy to just accept that some god presence can do exactly the same thing they just dismissed as nonsense astounds me.

To me it is the equivalent of answering 'but how does....' with 'magic'.

Comment /usr/lib/kde4 (Score 1) 274

not sure if it is just the debian/ubuntu 64 bit package but it failed to install with an error that /usr/lib/kde4 was not found. as i'm not running it, it was not surprising it was missing, but i had to create the directory for the package to install properly. obviously this can be worked around by manually extracting the tar and working from that, but i prefer using the deb packages.

hope this helps someone.

Comment Re:Different outcomes (Score 1) 212

yeah, pretty sure you are either not from australia or you are just trolling here.

i am from australia. i know no one who 'wants to be american'. american education is a laughing point in australia (not entirely deserved i guess, but mostly focused on the more prevalent influence of religion in 'science' education in some parts of america).

not sure what the screech crap was there, but i'm sure you thought it was hilarious.

apologies to everyone else for feeding the troll.

Comment Re:Numberists! (Score 1) 212

thanks, i found that link really interesting :)

i like when something i had thought in the back of my head while doing school work (way back when) turns out to be something other people have pondered over. it is remarkable to see how much more 'pretty' the maths becomes with this simple change of perspective.

Comment Re:Not just for gaming (Score 1) 167

or, if you do the most elementary research, you will find out that clarke, after claiming these 'zappers' will cure everything including cancer and hiv, died of cancer.

all the 'zappers' are are cheap square wave generators. i also for many years did not have to go to a doctor. that doesn't mean my lifestyle is the solution to everyone else's illnesses.

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