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Comment Re:The people (Score 1) 479

NOBODY is running into schools and telling kids there is no God

And yet that is precisely the conclusion most kids will arrive at after reading a biology textbook wax lyrical about the big bang, billions of years etc. Either that, or modern Science's explanation for the origin of the universe is guesswork at best!

Comment Re:Drug-Resistant Virii, Lysol-resistant bacteria (Score 1) 479

all you have to do is ask an "intelligent design" person why God is creating Drug-resistant Virii

Intelligent Design, the theory, says nothing about *who* the designer was/is, so the question doesn't make much sense in that context. If you're referring to Bible-believing Creationists more generally, then the answer would be 'God isn't creating Drug-resistant Virii'. The Bible says that a) God created (He doesn't continue to create) b) that is was perfect at the beginning c) corruption, decay, disease etc came after the fall of mankind. Also, I'm not sure that you'd find too many Creationists scientists who would deny that the 'bacteria is evolving'. In that specific sense, 'evolving' does not conflict with Creationism at all!

Comment Re:Jewish Myth as fact. (Score 1) 479

Creationism is a pseudoscience invented by modern Christians

'Creationism', the label, was invented by others and applied to the group of people who believe that Genesis is a historical account and, more specifically, the 6 days of creation should be understaood as literal 24hr days. There is nothing 'modern' about that belief. Many great scientists of the past took a literal interpretation of Genesis: Pasteur, Newton, Kepler, Faraday - the list goes on...

Comment Re:"Several thousand years ago..." (Score 1) 479

these stories wore embroidered, garbled, mutilated, and torn into small pieces that were then repeatedly shuffled

Behold the wonder and mystery of the Bible! How is it that *this* book has become the most printed, most widely read and studied text in human history? Only a fool would dismiss it before making an honest attempt to read and understand it.

Comment Manipulated!? (Score 1) 445

The inference is that there has been some sneaky, underhanded tactics employed to cheat or 'game' the system somehow. What evidence does anyone have that this is the case? As far as I can see, Creationist have created a SEO-friendly website which covers what they sincerely believe about dinosaurs, and let Google do the rest.

Surely Slashdot isn't calling for Google to start censoring unpopular points of view?

Wouldn't the proper response be for those nay-sayers to create SEO-friendly websites stating their own version of dino history, and put it out there!?

Comment Re:If you demand all your supporters be flawless.. (Score 1) 653

So... What did Jesus say about homosexuality?

What did Jesus say about slavery? The abolition of slavery in the West has it's roots firmly in the Christian worldview (we are created equals in the image of God)...and yet Jesus never condemned slavery - what gives!? Same goes for homosexuality in my view.

Comment Re:OSM did progress (Score 1) 77

+1 regarding readability. OSM default map style has a lot of room for improvement, but I'm confident that will happen in time. As others have mentioned, you can use 3rd party tiles such as MapQuest or Mapbox which look nicer. Another reason I usually prefer to use Google maps is speed. I live in Australia and there are no OSM tile caches here, so map loading can be sloooowww.

Comment Re:The religion of peace (Score 1) 490

And queue up the politicians (such as Pres. Hollande) tripping over themselves to say that the actions of these people are 'nothing to do with Islam' when the perpetrators themselves are a) proclaiming Islam as the motiviating for their actions and b) acting on the urgings of their own (extreme) Islamic leaders.

Comment Re:The religion of peace (Score 2) 490

Queue up people claiming that he was just f**** in the head, not Christian

First cab off the rank. Anders Breivik did not identify himself as a Christian in the sense that he was a follower of Christ but merely a 'cultural Christian'. His motivation was to protect 'Christian Europe', not to protect Christianity or Jesus. In fact he was quite scathing of religion in general saying "Religion is a crutch for many weak people and many embrace religion for self serving reasons as a source for drawing mental strength". [1]

It's still too early to say for sure, but I'd be willing to bet that the guys who carried out the recent attacks in France are doing so because they believed it is the 'will of Allah', the prophet 'commands it' etc etc.

A second important distinction is that Anders Breivik, even if he wanted to, could not justify his actions based on what Jesus or his disciples taught. Islamic extremists can and do quote directly from the words of Mohammad to justified their violent actions.


Comment Re:islam (Score 1) 1350

That contrasts with Christian killers who most certainly killed in the name of their religion

The military and political leaders conveniently used the defacto religion of their time to further their own selfish ambitions. Their underlings simply did what they were told. Nowhere does Jesus command his followers to kill or even use violence in his name. That contrasts starkly with what the prophet Mohammad taught, and that is where the real issue lies.

The famous killers who have been athiests have not killed people in the name of atheism

The difference being that a religion like Islam commands it, so the followers go out of their way to proclaim it. Somone acting from an athiestic worldview is doing so because that is the natural, logical conclusion they have come to: there is no God (noone to answer to) and life is essentially about survival of the fittest (My actions are only limited by how much power I have and what oppourtunities come my way).

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