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Comment So fucking what? (Literally). (Score 5, Insightful) 536

So the guy's a pervert: does that mean his code quit working? Is he trying to fuck other contributors? Has he done anything to anyone without their consent?

I've worked with plenty of people in my time who are into things that I don't approve of, from voting for socialists to trying to be Heinlein characters, but if they don't bring it to the office, it's none of my business. That goes double for an open-source project where they're donating their work.

Enough with the goddamned neo-puritans. There's work to be done, for fuck's sake.


Comment Re: Machines replacing bank tellers? (Score 1) 269

Access will be available, but have you seen the vast number of people who not only refuse to use that access, they jeer at the people who have gone on record that they will. Boy those people are going to be fun to mess with. What am I saying, "going to be"? They already are. Their tears, outrage, and cries of "I'm being oppressed, but not really because oppression isn't happening; What do you think I am, a SJW?" are delicious.

Comment Re: Machines replacing bank tellers? (Score 1) 269

Entertainment. I write and earn money from ads. I'm looking at making videos and taken tentative steps in that direction. I am getting "paid" in points that can be converted to store cash value vouchers at various stores for using Bing, formerly a consumption activity. Monetization is becoming the new job.

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