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Submission + - Deep Space Network glitches worry scientists (

sciencehabit writes: Earlier this year, the Cassini spacecraft screwed up an orbital maneuver at Saturn because of a problem with its radio connection to Earth. The incident was one of several recent glitches in the Deep Space Network (DSN), NASA’s complex of large radio antennas in California, Spain, and Australia. For more than 50 years, the DSN has been the lifeline for nearly every spacecraft beyond Earth’s orbit, relaying commands from mission control and receiving data from the distant probe. On 30 September, in a meeting at NASA headquarters, officials will brief planetary scientists on the network’s status. Many are worried, based on anecdotal reports, that budget cuts and age have taken a toll that could endanger the complex maneuvers that Cassini and Juno, a spacecraft now at Jupiter, will require over the next year.

Comment Re: And... (Score 1) 84

people should check out the fictional AI Penultimate from Graham Watkins' Virus. No more secrets. Want to give everyone in the world with a bank account a million dollars? Done. Want to zero out those bank accounts? Done. Want anyone's medical records? Done. Want to tamper with any control system with even the tenuous connection to the internet? Done. Want access to all the source code of Microsoft's, Oracle's, SAP, any business you can think of? Done.

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 40

Cry me a river. I'm sorry your role in doing whatever it is you do is so hard on you. We don't reward people based on how hard whatever it is they do is for them. The intellectual property worshipers like to trot out that notion, but that's not how it works at least most of the time. There's no way of measuring how much of your effort actually goes into a work. Two people can come up with the same thing and one person worked a lot at it than the other. We currently reward who is first. I don't like the whole intellectual property model. If you can get me something and pitch me something, I can be willing to pay for it up front. The whole idea that a person can hold the world hostage on a topic, no matter how narrow is an affront to well being.

Submission + - Did last night's US presidential debate Wi-Fi rip-off break the law? (

schwit1 writes: The host of the first presidential debate on Monday night, Hofstra University in New York, may have broken the law and could be in line for a huge fine.

Reporters at the event were appalled to find that among the heavily marked-up items they were offered – $150 to rent a lamp, anyone? – was a $200 charge for a "secure wireless internet connection."

Worse than the clear effort to price-gouge people trying to file stories, however, was the fact that the university decided that only its wireless access points were allowed to be used, and even sent someone around with a Wi-Fi signal detector apparently threatening to throw out anyone who was using an "unauthorized" access point.

That action – effectively shutting down people's ability to use their own internet connection in order to force them to use a paid-for service – was ruled illegal in 2014 by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in a landmark ruling against Marriott Hotels.

Comment Re:Chinese speakers only (Score 1) 459

fluency in [ mandarin | Chinese ] is a plus

Of course it's a plus. I'm likely to be hiring a group of Mechanical Engineers in the next six months, and I certainly want at least one of them to be fluent in Mandarin to make it easier to work with Chinese suppliers. It would be pretty handy if they speak Korean, Japanese or Hindi, too.


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