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Comment Re:Language Wars (Score 1) 212

Because everybody knows that QB64 is the most productive language to program in. There's a huge library of code that will compile in it and IBM samples included with DOS will compile with it. Compressed files with IBM DOS and the aforementioned samples are available on the net.

Comment I have two editions (Score 1) 212

I wanted one I didn't get. I forget exactly which two I have, but besides the one in C there is one in C++ and one in Java. If I recall correctly I have the C and Java one. I think I bought the C one myself and added the C++ edition to my Amazon gift wishlist, but my Aunt thought she had a better idea to buy a newer edition. My wishlist now contains only things that it doesn't matter about editions.

Comment My experience with expressing unusual concepts (Score 1) 212

I want people to not think they understand me when they don't more than I want them to understand me due to the odds involved, so I choose slightly harder to understand constructions. People generally come back with the notion that I am stupid, and that I think my statements are too brilliant for the average mind.
By no means. I think that if the average mind takes an honest stab at what I am trying to convey and asks for clarifications they can readily come to understand what I intend to get conveyed. Very few have gone that route, though.
But anyways the concepts expressed by those people aren't that out of reach and just require some dictionary lookups and Google searches that require reads of still other articles. By this approach the meaning of just about anything becomes substantially clearer.

Comment Re:1900 (Score 1) 1512

We're talking 1900 here, so if they had any feelings of allegiance to any state at all they thought of themselves as Ottomans, though the wider area seem to align themselves by clans that are led by so-called warlords (that's just the term that English speaking commentators called them, the reports that reach me do a lousy job of what the leaders call themselves). It might be a good idea for a three state plan. The Gaza strip should be one country and the West Bank another. They don't seem to have a sense of allegiance to each other.

Comment Order of operations (Score 1) 1512

I see no need for Israelis to get off the land before the Palestinians declare they are a state any more than the Tories had to leave the United States or indeed the British forces in general before the United States declared itself independent of Britain. In fact, the legitimacy of the United States' claim to evict the British troops was strengthened by their decision to declare themselves independent.

Comment Re:people's preference (Score 1) 429

Because the reason the opinions matter in the first place is because it is the people matter, not the built-in limitations of the choices they've been given. By the logic as currently expressed, once the representative has been chosen, the people are no longer voting, and the preferences being expressed are no longer of the people and your original expression that the "your own" is of the People of Wyoming does not make sense. Two degrees of meaning have been removed from the conventional meaning of "the preferences of the people of Wyoming", first the people who did not vote for a representative, then the people who did vote for a representative, because then it is the preferences of the representative and not the people.

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