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Comment Re: They simply remember your UDID (Score 2) 76

They're adding functionality that Apple refuses to do.

Apple refuses to do it for a valid reason, and I see Apple as the ethical winners here. If Uber is experiencing a high rate of fraud, that's a business process problem that needs to be addressed within Uber's own internal systems. Considering Uber can afford a "competitive intelligence" team that buys and crunches data about Lyft, and they can afford to develop "Greyball" deception tools to evade law enforcement, they should also be able to afford a couple of employees to build some better fraud detection into their signup process. A little less offense and a little more defense might be a rewarding strategy.

Thousands of other companies conduct business via iOS apps without resorting to breaking the rules. Uber is showing once again that they don't give a fuck about the rules, and that puts them squarely outside of the "ethical right."

Comment Re:Wow! (Score 1) 262

Well, I was responding as if your bullshit scenario was true, it isn't. Your Muslim bashing is purely made up, small minded fear. So nothing else you said bears any resemblance to reality. Before and after we invite Muslims in, nobody want's homosexuals thrown off buildings, except maybe Evangelical's. They are a stain on America that has done way more damage then Muslims.

Read some history, it's basically a long story of people being horrible to each other, so what. We've spent 200 years fixing that and assholes like you want us right back there, with you on top.

In conclusion, fuck off, take your hate somewhere else and peddle your bullshit to someone with a soft head, we're not buying it over here.

Comment Re:More science (Score 2) 247

Over the time scale of the next century, only one input signal will dominate: the amount of added greenhouse gases. All of that other stuff either oscillates too fast or has an insignificant effect. Other signals that would have a big impact, such as changes in the earth's orbit that drive ice ages, or movement of mountain ranges due to continental drift, are too slow to have an impact over the next couple of centuries.

Relative to the greenhouse gas signal, the climate *was* very close to an equilibrium on a human timescale. It certainly isn't any longer; it's being strongly driven into ranges hotter than it's been for millions of years.

Comment Re:More science (Score 1) 247

The final color of mixing two buckets of paint is the integrated effect of chaotic stirring (and all of the world's supercomputers probably couldn't predict the exact pattern of those swirls). However, the final color can easily be calculated with high precision using a hand calculator. Integration has smaller error bars than you think it does.

Comment Future of Yahoo Mail? (Score 2) 70

I wonder what the implications will be for Yahoo Mail once Verizon finishes acquiring Yahoo. Aside from @yahoo.com accounts, the Yahoo Mail platform powers most of the baby bells' ISP email. Mail for users @sbcglobal.net, @bellsouth.net, @pacbell.net, etc. is all part of the Yahoo Mail service whether the users realize it or not. I can't see Verizon being too benevolent about taking on "competing" ILEC/bell users' mail hosting. And if they were impressed with the Yahoo Mail platform, you'd think they would have waited and migrated their own users there instead of to AOL.

What a tangled fucking web.

Comment Re:Price caps cause market distortions. (Score 1) 255

You seriously think Big Business, Democrats, and Unions colluded?

Immigrants are less likely to join Unions.
Democrats seem to want more educated voters, based on the policies they support.
Businesses, do want cheap labor, they get it with illegals and they get other benefits. Until we target them, they will continue to do so. If we fined businesses a years wage for any undocumented workers, the problem would disapear overnight.

Comment Re:Its pretty important... (Score 3, Informative) 305

So ironically, transporting the oil and gas out of the region is putting oil and gas production in jeopardy.

That would seem to be yet another reason to transition this country away from fossil fuels altogether. That would address both the erosion issue and the fossil fuel dependence at the same time.

As far as seafood goes, there's going to be a coastline somewhere, no matter how far it moves into the current state of Louisiana. The seafood will still come from wherever that is.

Comment Re:Serving his friends against his constituents (Score -1) 255

There is no such thing as 'essential service', the entire concept is what created the monopolies / oligopolies that are found around the world. Nothing is an 'essential service' (what I mean is that nothing should ever be touched/supplied by any form of government).

This ideology is what lead to the always rising prices and by the way, what the hell is 'infinite inflation of essential services'?

Inflation is expansion, inflation of money is expansion of money supply. You are talking about prices, prices *rise* and *fall*, they don't expand and contract. Inflation around the world is caused by expansion of the money supply and given the status of USD around the world, inflation today is mostly caused by the USA Federal reserve and Congress.

Comment Re:Wow! (Score 2) 262

Top line of your posted article, "It's not the end of men, it's the evolution of men into better men".

I fail to see the outrage. Compare that to actual lynching, none of which have happened at BLM or anything similar.

Your also wrong about the Right disavowing it's far right.
Steve Bannon has been on Sean Hannity. Ann Coulter has been all over fox news and she's a polarizing far right figure if there ever was one.

In my book, the difference between right and left boils down to people who only worry about themselves and people who try to help the most people.

Unfortunately, the "only worry about themselves" doesn't extend to leaving other people alone, they view everything through the prism of their own life, with no ability or desire to understand other circumstances.

Comment Re:lots of addresses tied up by big companies (Score 1) 128

HP, by virtue of their acquisition of the assets of DEC, has 2 8-blocks, which is probably worth a small fortune in real money.

It's a big fortune, the average price per address has exceeded $10 for awhile now. /24s routinely sell for $4-5K these days, /19s for around $100K. HP's space is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

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