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Comment Re:Snoop Doggy Dog (Score 2) 125

The difference is that Trump is hated by the same people who expanded the snooping laws.

The FBI seemed pretty hell-bent on getting Trump elected...

If we assume that government corruption is the impetus, then it follows that the long term effects of Trump's term is decreased snooping overall.

Considering Trump's appointees are all coming from the same old places like Goldman Sachs, I'm not sure where you get the idea that corruption will be on the decline.

Comment Re:Wow, just... I mean, wow. (Score 0) 287

I see, so now Uber, who you basically just said yourself is *saving people from starvation and death* is a husband who beats his wife?

So what you are saying is that the wife that is being abused is actually unable to survive without the husband, is that what you are implying? So is it the economy that makes the wife unable to survive or is that only something that exists in her (your) head?

You are now comparing people, who are driving for Uber to wives that take a beating but cannot leave their husbands because *they believe* they cannot survive in the world without the husband?

You see, I wouldn't make claims similar to yours, so I wouldn't put myself in such a precarious position in a conversation.

I think that people driving for Uber are not on the brink of starvation and hunger death, they have other choices, *you* implied that they are starving and cannot survive without Uber.

I think that they are making a conscious decision to drive for Uber because it works for them better, maybe it gives them extra income, maybe it gives them the flexibility, maybe they like not going to an office and like being treated as independent adults who are perfectly capable of making their own life choices.

You, on the other hand, are implying all sorts of things about these people that I think cannot stand to any type of scrutiny. These are not starving people, they are driving cars, they wear clothes and they have mobile phones and they are able to afford all of that and still they can eat something (or they wouldn't be driving).

You should stop attacking companies simply because you think they are not providing the type of work conditions that you expect them to provide, instead maybe (if you think you can do it better) you should run a competitor to Uber or to WalMart or to McDonalds or to Apple or to whatever and see if you can do better and if you can provide those jobs under the conditions that you are promoting here.

Comment Re:Don't worry (Score 1) 287

This has nothing to do with 'deserving', the point is that nobody at all is forcing anybody to drive for Uber.

I run a company of my own, at times I made not simply less than minimum wage would be, but in a number of cases I was paying people who work for me out of pocket, as in I was losing money, not making it. *Nobody* forced me to do this, it's a private personal decision.

Comment Re:I wonder (Score 1) 212

the issue that the federal government is meddling with stupid shit that is not within its charter.

- correct.

guarantee that I can find a job

- also not within their authority, because to *guarantee* a job to person A would mean to guarantee that other people have to subsidise that job. It's direct transfer from one person to another. OTOH government should step aside and *not diminish your chances* of finding a job by destroying the economy, that would be nice.

Comment Re:Yes, Obamacare helped ruin health insurance... (Score 1) 458

How Republicans want to end Abortion:
outlaw abortion, punish only providers

Abortion available to wealthy under different names
black market abortions mean increased risk for poor
marginal decrease in actual abortions, large decrease in abortions on paper

How Democrats want to end Abortion:
Decrease povert, increase education, increase access to birth control

actual decrease in abortions

Comment Re:Welcome to the Trump future... (Score 1) 458

Pre-obomacare, expensive insurance, high deductibles and co-pays, employer trying to force me onto a high-deductible plan, employer blames increases on insurance company greed.
After obamacare, expensive insurance, high deductibles and co-pays, employer trying to force me onto a high-deductible plan, employer blames increases on obamacare.

Comment Re: Better be ready to be beat up when layed off w (Score 1) 536

you seem to be implying that, to compete with automation, humans should be willing to be treated like dirt.

- no, I am implying that the cost of litigation is a consideration for any employer *regardless of the merits*. Anybody can sue anybody else if there is merit, that's one thing, however the labour laws make it too easy for an employee to sue an employer for things like 'wrongful termination' and that's a garbage claim. Same with 'human rights' related lawsuits, there is no such thing as a 'human right to work', human rights are protections against government oppression, not entitlements for the employees and obligations upon the employers, yet that's exactly what 'human rights' lawsuits against employers are: they didn't do something the government puts an obligation on them to do, to satisfy an entitlement that the government deems an employee is supposed to receive from an employer.

Being treated like dirt is one thing, and nobody has to work for an employer who treats people like dirt, being provided government entitlements because an employee and employer are working together is something else, that's one of the 3 main reasons why I outsource most of my development to a different country.

Comment Re:Welcome to the Trump future... (Score 1) 458

I challenge you to do a true comparison of those plans. My guess is they were capped plans that would only last for a partial cancer treatment. You've off loaded your risk to the public, best case (for you).

This also ignores the millions who could never buy care at any price.
Let's pretend your plan actually manages to cover your cancer, you go into remission. You do realize that cancer usually re-occurs. Luckily for your insurance company, they can dump your expensive ass because you now are the proud owner of a pre-existing condition.

What is desirable about that?

Comment Re:Welcome to the Trump future... (Score 1) 458

Let me guess, you live in one of the 19 states that declined to expand Medicare. You should put the blame where it belongs, with your shittty state government.
Alternatively, if your in rural area, there might only be afew options for hospital and insurers. That's your beloved free market at work.

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