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Comment Private VS Public and Overhaul VS Growth (Score 1) 405

I like this poll because it exposes why semantics are important. I think more people agree if they got the semantics right: Healthcare needs 'private' overhaul. Private healthcare is very bloated and often wasteful. On the other hand the existing 'public' healthcare such as the VA and Medicare are incredibly efficient at managing their responsibilities and doesn't require overhaul. Healthcare is currently in the process of 'growth' with accountable care and Obama care. Voting for private healthcare overhaul isn't really putting your vote in the right place unless you think the VA and Medicare don't manage their resources efficiently and you disagree with Accountable and Obama care. From the comments I've read everyone voting for education 'overhaul' seems to want 'growth'. Overhaul would mean disassembling the machine and re-envisioning it. I voted for military overhaul. Our military has the resources and organization to win World War II. We have generals, joint chiefs, and divisions all reproducing efforts and duplicating abilities to fight in multiple theaters. Unfortunately that does us basically no good as communication technology and warfare has changed in the last 60 years. Read about how Athens lost to Sparta, particularly the campaign in Sicily. We need to restructure. We also need to take a serious look at cyber offense and defense.

Comment There is a shortage (Score 3, Insightful) 795

I disagree with this article. I believe there a shortage of developers. I know there are cited studies but in my experience there is a serious shortage of developers in the USA. Being part of the industry for ten years now I've never seen a time where a developer was unemployed for any reason other then personal choice. Tucson, for example, has been steadily adding/employing about 100 additional programmers each year while graduating 90 (most of whom immediately relocate). High paying software jobs sit unfilled for months, in some cases years at Ratheon, UofA, IBM, and many more places.

Comment Heres the recipe (Score 1) 823

College students are often pretty unadapted to begin with. First isolate them with their computers most of the time. Add to that a complete lack of accountability for most of the (digital) interaction they do have. Top it off with entitlement and verification of their peers and you get nerds with personality issues.

Comment Write Delta a complaint too! (Score 1) 826

I wrote a complaint to Delta suggesting their behavior was anti-american and disrespectful to our rights. There are already enough violation of our rights occurring on our way to the gate. Airlines, especially American born and bread, should have more respect for that. Use the online comment form or just mail it to corporate headquarters if you are against this behavior.

Submission + - What is acceptable downtime on a shared server? ( 1

popsensation writes: "Just got off the phone with Bluehost which I called when I noticed my site and cPanel accounts were not working. Apparently they are running a fschk and the server will be down for 6-8 hours until that runs. I pay ~40 a month for my Pro account with extra domains. Is this acceptable to anyone?"

Submission + - Tricky and bad customer support hoops (

popsensation writes: "I am a web developer/contractor and I have documented my experience trying to get a file recovered from nightly backup with customer support at a company called Verio. I am currently 4 hours into the experience and still sitting on hold. This is something that occurs all the time. I am updating my blog entry documenting the customer support experience as it happens. Does anyone else have a ridiculous customer support story to tell?"

Comment Be careful (Score 1) 403

In my experience outsourced development requires a lot of technical planning, feedback cycles, and a strong development lead. Having the 'monkey work' done for you can end up being very costly in terms of your and your boss's time and might not really produce the code you want or need. It is certainly possible but the complexity of gaining domain knowledge of your system, the size and scope of what exists, and the pitfalls of remote team management can really become a barrier to success from this approach. In short the answer is yes, but remember that you will need to spend a lot of time and energy making sure the remote team is making progress.

Comment Starting out (Score 1) 446

I think your question is good. There are a lot of problems with new developers and most of them revolve around the patterns and habits they get into working on projects which are difficult and impractical. I think the easiest way to get over that is start thinking about your time as money. Don't waste either.
  1. 1.) If you can't figure something out and you have a feeling it's easy for another team member to explain, check google/sources for 1 minute. If you don't find it that quick ask somebody. I can't express it enough, when new dev engineers ask questions under this rule set they are so much more efficient.
  2. 2.) When filling in a spec only consider algorithmic efficiency when it is more timely. Otherwise mark it //TODO - Could be more efficient
  3. 3.) Spend time getting acquainted with the libraries and tools available to you. Ask other engineers, they will gladly share their rig.
  4. 4.) When you think, 'someone on my team has probably done this', ASK. If they haven't write it into a shared libraries or utils that team members can use.
  5. 5.) Fitting more then one task on a line isn't better programming, it is usually annoying, do one thing at a time.

I hope that helps!

The Internet

Submission + - Cox and other home ISPs violating Net Neutrality ( 3

popsensation writes: "Cox communications is unlawfully blocking ports to home and business internet users. This is deemed unlawful by FCC 59192 preserving the free and open internet. They post their blocked ports online citing security and safety reasons, but that is not the case. I requested Cox technical service representative Becky — 1770 to unblock 445 as I am aware of the risks and was informed they will not open that or any other blocked ports. Their other blocked ports are used to provision web pages and files between neighbors, businesses, and communities. This is is unlawful and in violation of FCC rules and regulations. I've filed a complaint with the FCC reference number 11-C00348996."

Submission + - Anti Net Neutrality (

popsensation writes: "H.J.RES.37 is removing the validity of the last net neutrality bill. I searched the internet to understand this bill our senate is about to vote on and the airwaves are dead. What does this bill mean and why hasn't there been any reporting on it?"

Submission + - Development Env... Local or Staging?

popsensation writes: "I've worked on a number of teams using a variety of configurations. One thing I've never been sure of is how to best determine how much server technology needs to be set up on local dev environment? I tend to prefer more server technology on servers because this means devs spend less time spent in configuration, better utilization of my rig for compiling and running, and some great verification that the server stack is working with client technology. Am I the only one with a preference?"

Submission + - Network Outages and Server Downtime 1

popsensation writes: "I've been a programmer and systems analyst for almost 10 years now and I've always wondered if there is a place to go to report outages and downtime? My 6 bluehost accounts across 4 servers all went down a few minutes ago and I feel like there should be a resource to report this, as well as make sure someone has notified Bluehost. I always wonder when my Cox connection goes down if there is a place I can notify (via my phone tether) as well. Does any such service exist? What do people prefer? If not tell me what this service should do and I'll start writing it."

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