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Comment Re:Touch typing is irrelevant (Score 1) 705

How exactly? I usually move my arms around just a little, but I never stretch anything. My hands are short, and I I'd be using my pinky for any of my typing, I'd probably be stretching my hands apart more. That doesn't feel so good. Through the years I've kind of approximated touch-typing, except I just use three fingers on each hand. And I feel fine about it. I was also wondering, simply because I don't know, how does touch typing help you with all the !"#$%&/()={}'s ? Typing symbols is the hardest and slowest thing I do, especially when writing all that LaTeX and all that C. Does it really make such a difference?

Comment Re:Bull (Score 1) 414

Ok, I'm making one argument. In no real context. Make of it what you will and work out the rest of the arguments yourselves.

A lot of music IS really expensive. I already named symphonies as an example. In other cases, studio musicians are needed, that have trained for years and years, and only play in the studio, and need to get by playing that kind of thing. Or are you, on principle, against people making a living off of studio work? There is honest-to-goodness music out there that simply cannot be played without professionals. If anybody here likes jazz, he can hopefully recognize the amount of time needed to make one functional player. And that player is likely to HAVE to devote his or her life to it because that music is hard.

Studio production - good studio production - also takes time and CAN be expensive. Especially when many people are involved. Seriously, just because some people have been able to make music cheap in their bedrooms, don't start thinking that's all there is to music. And that that's ADEQUATE for music as a whole.

Like I said, I'm not making any other arguments. Just that making music is NOT CHEAP.

Comment Re:Sounds like the leeches are out again (Score 1) 414

Yeah, I know. That was also not my point. My only point was that a lot of music IS expensive. I might want to find better example... but hey! It's an independent concern of mine, that musical craftsmanship seems to get rarer every day. I'm, not a fan of this tax either; if at some theoretic level it's "right" - musicians are getting compensation for their hard work - it's probably much too complex to implement in practice and will only be exploited greedy people that aren't musicians. That's not the point. I mainly wanted to make counter-point against all those comments here that say the same thing: "Hah, making music is easy! And cheap!" It's ignorant and kind of offensive actually.

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