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Comment Re:Just do it (Score 1) 279

I have gigabit internet here in Finland and Edgemax works just fine. I had the 5-port poe version but it broke down because of my roof was leaking just above the router. Now I have Edgerouter pro and I haven't really noticed any difference in throughput compared to the 5-port model.

Comment Finally (Score 5, Insightful) 384

As a Finn I have waited for this to happen somewhere in Europe. I guess the legislators don't play games or at least buy them from Steam. I hope that this changes how digitally distributed games are seen in light of ownership before every purchase is somehow locked to buyers dna. Tinfoil hats ahoy! :)

Comment Re:Where the f... is 3G capability? (Score 1) 274

For example we have data plans here in Finland that include two sim cards for 20 € (inc. VAT) or single sim card data plan for 14 € / month (also inc. VAT). They both have unlimited speed and no data cap.

I personally waited for this tablet, but since it doesn't have 3g I ordered Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 64 Gb. I am also planning to get another data plan for the tablet because tethering eats up battery super fast.

Comment Re:Is this even a hack? Is this even a data leak? (Score 1) 129

Actually we haven't had social security numbers in Finland since 1971 when they were changed to national identification numbers. The number is not public and you aren't required to give it to every company. A company may require it only if they loan you money or something that is comparable to money (such as subscription from a phone operator, car rental etc.).

National identification number is used in every governmental office and in every private contract that you make in Finland and it really identifies you. Many companies just ask for you id number and you're cleared to do changes to your contracts or order extra services on phone. You can for example end a phone sim card subscription for everyone on the published list just by calling operator customer service and pretending to be someone else.

So this i really a big deal.

Phone and address information is public but not free. You can also ask Population register Centre (click to check out population of Finland live) to hide your address information and operators to hide your phone number so that private companies and citizens can't find it out anywhere.

Yes. Big brother watches us every moment but it doesn't really bother us.

Comment Re:You're kidding, right? (Score 1) 2058

Well. I have graduated from University of applied sciences and have been working in ICT field full time for 8 years and have been paying about 25% - 32% taxes of my total annual income.

And I still think that It's OK to pay a lot of taxes to have for example free fire departments and all the other things I mentioned before.

And I don't think that 95% of Finnish citizens don't deserve my tax money. That's just selfish.

Comment Re:You're kidding, right? (Score 1) 2058

To put it in your perspective, should a Swedish fire company cross the border and put out a Finnish house fire? Unless there is an agreement between Sweden and Finland for such action, isn't that outside the responsibility (legal, not ethically) of the Swedish fire company?

I tried searching the web for an official agreement between Finland and Sweden about helping each other. I found one magazine article about Tornio's agreement with Haaparanta in the 1990's about helping fire departments across border.
I also found out that Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland made an "agreement about co-operation across state borders in accidents that may harm or are harming people, property or environment." Finland has similar agreements with Estonia and Russia.

All rescue services are paid by taxes and I'm quite happy about it. And we have free universal health care also paid with taxation. And you can't forget our free education system. Tuitions are a thing we only know from movies. Studying in Finland is free even for foreigners.

Ok, enough bragging about my home country. We pay a lot of taxes. I think that only Sweden has higher taxation. But really I OK about paying high taxes for what's it worth. Progressive taxation is a fair system in my opinion. In a way.

Ok, now I'm going offtopic but I always find it amusing that everywhere in the world you teach your kids that "if you have two apples and your friend doesn't have any, you should give the other to your friend". When the kids grow up, they lock their apples in a safe and don't care s*it about people who don't have apples at all.

Comment In Finland we are supposed to use box cutter. (Score 1) 302

Elisa, the largest mobile operator in Finland saidthat they start selling micro-sim cards in june. Their product manager Panu Lehti suggested that if you need micro-sim before that you should use a box cutter.

Sorry, only in Finnish

Comment Re:WTF, why is a Carnot reference here? (Score 1) 121

The Swedes have an advantage being so far North, but if they were to move their datacenter inside the Large Hadron Collider- or if they were to move the population of Sweden into the datacenter- your post would have more merit.

Sweden? Last time I checked, Helsinki was still in Finland. And no. We Finns wouldn't like the idea of 9.3 million more Swedes in Helsinki.


Submission + - Global Gaming Factory buys Pirate Bay (

pookie13 writes: "Global Gaming Factory (GGF) has purchased The Pirate Bay for 30M SEK (approx. 4M USD) cash and for another 30M SEK in newly issued shares of the company. Their press release says that
"Completion of the acquisitions are primarily subject to GGF obtaining financing for the acquisition, that any necessary resolutions are adopted by a General Meeting of GGF, and that GGF and the Board of Directors consider that the acquired assets can be used in a legally and appropriate way.""


Submission + - Finns to redo local eletions in 3 cities. ( 1

pookie13 writes: "Finnish Supreme administrative court has ordered to redo Municipal Elections in three Cities from last fall because of the 2% loss of votes which was mentioned earlier in Slashdot. The Supreme administrative court says in their decision that "The elections in the e-voting pilot cities have to be redone because there were problems and flaws in instructions and the voting system itself." translation from the verdict in Finnish.

The verdict was just published so there aren't English stories yes. Newsroom Finland, Yle News or Helsingin Sanomat might do a story in English later this day.

Wireless Networking

Submission + - How many WiFi capable devices you have?

pookie13 writes: "I just bought T-Mobile G1 and Nokia N810 -tablet. I started counting that I have 7 Wifi capable devices that I use. It would be nice to know how many Wifi devices people have in general. I'll put my options here. Change them as you wish.
Too many
And the mandatory: CowboyNeal took my Wifi devices!"

Submission + - Google buys closed Finnish paper mill (

pookie13 writes: "Google has bought a closed paper mill complex (lot and buildings) in Southern Finland from Stora Enso. The paper mill was closed about a year ago and Stora Enso has been dismantling the old paper machines ever since. Rumours say that the possibility to build wind power plant was a factor when Google decided to purchase the factory. Some say that the proximity of Russia, high voltage electricity lines to the factory area and the river flowing next to the factory were the most important things. Column only in Finnish. Reuters is also reporting about the case."

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