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NRC Releases Audio of Fukushima Disaster 56

mdsolar writes "The Nuclear Regulatory Commission today released transcripts and audio recordings made at the NRC Operations Center during last year's meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan. The release of these audio recordings comes at the request of the public radio program 'BURN: An Energy Journal,' and its host Alex Chadwick. The recordings show the inside workings of the U.S. government's highest level efforts to understand and deal with the unfolding nuclear crisis as the reactors meltdown. In the course of a week, the NRC is repeatedly alarmed that the situation may turn even more catastrophic. The NRC emergency staff discusses what to do — and what the consequences may be — as it learns that reactor containment safeguards are failing, and that spent fuel pools are boiling away their cooling water, and in one case perhaps catching fire."

Submission + - Firefox 3.0 Opens Door to Web Apps, Mozilla Says

MilwaukeeCharlie writes: CIO Magazine is reporting some buzz about Firefox 3.0, due to be released later this year.

Some of the likely new features include:
  • Offline support for web apps
  • New paradigm for "bookmarks" and "history"
  • Built-in database (SQL Lite), used for full-text indexing of the cache
  • Support for Javascript 2

Submission + - CAD applications run more slowly on Vista

UnanimousCoward writes: "Last August, /. had a post saying OpenGL MAY run slower on Vista. Well, now that Vista is upon us, there are several articles confirming that CAD applications do indeed run more slowly on Vista. For example, Tom's Hardware lists the following benchmarks.

However, OpenGL might not be the only issue. In the following upFront.eZine article, one of the CAD vendors states:

It turns out that OpenGL is just one reason; another is that Vista's file system checking takes up resources. CAD software is dependent on the hard drive and makes many file accesses. Another reason is the 30-times-per-second that Vista checks all of the computer's hardware to ensure that its DRM [digital rights management] hasn't been compromised. As vendors delve into the new OS's messy innards, we'll learn more details. The troubles remind of the transition from DOS to Windows all over again.

Submission + - Negative coders killing progress

An anonymous reader writes: We have a problem with negative coders that are dragging the whole company down. I am sure that this is not a problem isolated just to us; so do any /.'ers have any useful advice to share with us on how to deal with these kinds of people/situations?

At our company we are attempting a rewrite a major part of our software, which is badly needed to bring us up to speed with current technology, failure to move in this direction within the next couple of years would ultimatley sink the company. A few employees have been assigned the task and have had a hard time getting the project done.

There are difficulties with the flow of information between the 3 coders, the project manager, a regional manager and the CEO. They constantly disagree between business requirements, functionality and deadlines. The coders are very negative and complain all the time, about everything. Management do not seem to help by having requirements that constantly change and a lack of critical decision making being made (according to the negative coders).

I do not know the source of the problems, but I do know that the overwhelming negative nature of the coders is running the project into the ground. One of the 3 developers and the original project manager have resigned because of the difficulty in dealing with the negative environment and the lack of progress. The current project manager is heading in the same general direction as his predecessor....becoming the scapegoat for the negative coders. The coders are far to valuable to get rid of, as they have far to much fundamental knowledge that the company cannot afford to loose.

I would be interested in hearing any advice that people have, and if anyone has similar experiences that they can share. Have you had a similar problem in the past? What did you do and what happened?

Submission + - Possible impact crater in Black Rock Desert

brianc writes: Ian Kluft, author of WebFetch and amateur rocketeer, has pulled together a compelling case supporting the discovery that "an elliptical-shaped impact crater approximately 30 miles (48 km) wide east-to-west and 40 miles (64 km) long north-to-south exists at the Black Rock Desert in northwestern Nevada". Although additional field-based research is necessary, the Impact Field Studies Group believes there is enough evidence in Ian's findings to add the location to their Suspected Earth Impact Sites (SEIS) list. Besides the numerous high powered rocket launches that ultimately led to the discovery, Black Rock Desert is the home of the annual Burning Man Festival.

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