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Comment Re:Google+ (Score 1) 161

I rather don't have everything about me known by a single company, so I like to use Facebook much more than let Google know all my personal details, my friends, my web searches, my YouTube views, my emails and every site I visit on the internet

Oh believe me, Zuckerberg's no slouch when it comes to tracking facebook users.

Comment Zumba? (Score 1) 93

"3D Hacking Environment Links Kinect, Blender, and Metasploit"....and Zumba!

So now I can "hack" like a scriptkiddie, while playing 'Dance Dance Revolution'?
come to think of it, my 7 Year old goddaughter would probably be a better "hacker" than me, if it comes to this.

The positive sideeffect is that the scriptkiddies soon will have the physique to run from the cops/feds.
"news at eleven: Hackers fitter than jocks!" (still can't catch a fuusball, though)

Comment bye bye, then... (Score 4) 591

No singleplayer offline?
no money from me, then...
I don't really have a lack of connection options, I work for an ISP, I have broadband, I have 3G dongle I can use in my laptop, I even have a 'Droid phone i can get data through, should i have forgotten my 3G dongle...
Heck, in about a 1/3 of the commuter trains there's free wifi!

Don't change a thing.
Blizzard's bad gamedesign/need to snoop on my gaming sessions/me finding myself in an area without coverage is going to ensure that i will 'vote with my dollar' so to speak, and my vote goes to the company that makes a game playable for me, where ever I am.

If I choose to do a 'Kaczynski' and do my singleplayer gaming from a remote cabin in Wisconsin, it's my choice, not Blizzards.

Comment what about the root servers? (Score 1) 298

I'm worried about the 'regular' DNS servers out there, sure, but what scares the crap out of me is the root servers.
If this act will require tampering on the root servers, we're all f*cked.

as to the normal DNS blocking, Denmark has had this for a few years, and it's a travesty, innocent domains land on the filter list all the time, and it's virtually impossible to get off it, and the list isn't public, so you're forced to all kinds of shenanigans to find out if you ARE on there or not.

Comment Monkey == Photographer (Score 1) 335

"if anyone did, the monkeys had the best claim, and certainly not the photographer."

The monkey IS the photographer!
IANA(Copyright)L, but does the law specify that the copyright-holder has to be human?
If not, the takedown notice would be fraudulent, as it's not the monkey or the legal guardian (owner?) issuing the takedown, but the owner of the camera?

Techdirt, however, is on rickety ground with their fair use, unless all copyright claims are disproved by all mammals?

Comment Re:This doesn't sound like Texas politics... (Score 1) 377

They would have to ban international flights as well, since pedobear fondling & Xray scanners aren't used in the rest of the world.
Hell, most countries in EU would would arrest you for sexual assault, and the scanners would require properly trained medical personnel (fully trained nurses) to operate them.

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