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Comment Re:Does anyone care about Flash on the iPhone? (Score 1) 497

Ah, this is easy.
  • Great integration with Gmail contacts, Gmail.
  • Good integration with Google Voice, Google Talk.
  • A better version of Maps, with innovation at a faster pace.
  • No need to connect it to a PC ever for synching.
  • Ability to download apps without having to connect to a PC.

The ones above cover 80% of my Android. It's simply much better for what I do often, and not much (if any) worse for what I do rarely.

Comment Re:What a surprise! (Score 5, Informative) 757

I am a faculty at a US university, advising several such foreign students and postdocs. Many of them choose to leave the US after their PhD or postdoc simply because there are often better opportunities elsewhere, especially for those interested in an academic career. Many countries are ramping up their investment in education and research, while the trend in the US is negative. In the 70's and 80's, US universities were the top. Now, researchers are often offered much better support, infrastructure, ability to grow a research group, and even salary, in other countries. So they leave. Three of the people who worked with me are now professors; none of them is in the US. What this says for the future pre-eminence of US science... wait, which pre-eminence?

Comment Enhancements to the library stay LGPL (Score 5, Informative) 585

The point is that enhancements to the library stay LGPL. I did this myself. I needed to modify LGPL libraries for the purposes of my application. I modified the libraries, and I am redistributing them under the LGPL. My main application is distributed under BSD license, and uses the LGPL libraries. The libraries make perfect sense separately (and in fact, I have people using them for reasons unrelated to the application I built). I think that, out of courtesy, and probably out of need, you need to make sure that the libraries are available separately.

Comment Re:Bull (Score 2, Insightful) 830

I think it is a brilliant idea to write less frequently to disk, and even 10 mins would not be bad. Much easier on power consumption, the drive can spin off, less wear on flash memory, etc. Coders who forget to positively flush critical data are just asking for problems. After all, what is the difference between 5 secs and 120 secs? Just 24 times. And if disaster can strike with high probability p, then p/24 is notmuch better.

Comment Here's the ad preview (Score 1) 317

"Dear estimated Lexus Driver, we would like to remind you that you are 1,000 miles over the maintenance limit [set ridiculously low at every 3,000 miles, instead of every 7,500 as specified in the manual]. We at your local auto dealer on Rotten Fish Ave are running a special promotion: change cilinder gasket, and get two free..." Yeeeeechhh. Well, this cured me of Lexus lust.

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