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Comment Re:What if I don't want Apple in my finances? (Score 1) 375

Easy answer, don't use ApplePay if you are worried about Apple.

> I'll be DAMNED if I'm going to have every single financial transaction I make, no matter how small, tracked by someone.

Well, banks have been cooperating with the government (or whomever you're worried about) since long before Apple existed. You can of course only deal in cash, but if that's how you work then ApplePay or similar is obviously not for you.


Submission + - Microsoft Courier & Apple IPad comparison (

An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft Courier has lot of new features and it has a built-in camera, that’s why it will be the IPad or Ipod touch replacement ! Let’s take a look of the Microsoft Courier features and compare it with Apple Ipad.

Comment Re:No add-ons (Score 1) 342

Agreed, it's the one thing that I keep using Firefox for. What popular Firefox extension features have been ported for Safari generally don't work nearly as well. For example, I don't want to use a system-wide proxy for ad blocking, and as nice as the web inspector is it's not as good as he Web Developer + Firebug extensions for Firefox... not to mention that most Safari tweaks require input manager hacks which are sketchy at best and prone to breaking between Safari releases.

If Safari had a system in place for writing extensions I wouldn't even have Firefox installed on my computer, it's generally painful to use for any period of time in OSX (it's a bad OSX "citizen" and feels like a ported Windows app). Page load performance I really don't care about, what I care about is the 1+ seconds it takes to open a new Firefox window once I have a bunch (~5-10) already open. Safari is instantaneous no matter how many windows I already have open, as it should be on a quad core system with 8 gigs of ram.

Comment Re:But no punchline... (Score 1) 559

1- "Oh damn, so it won't run any of my software?"
2- "Sure it will, we have Wine and Crossover!"
1- "So *if* it does run my software, it will run about 25% as fast as it would in its native environment, and probably buggy as hell?"
2- "Yup! You just wait, 2009 is the year of the Linux desktop!"

Comment Re:Zzzzzz (Score 1) 198

You're doing it wrong.

Of the 10, 9 are merely updates of existing products - nothing new here.

So? It's not a list of "new OSS projects in 2008".

Android *is* new - but is hardly newsworthy by now.

"by now"?? It's a list of "coolest OSS projects of 2008", not "things that should be making the headlines on 12/31".

Clearly your expectations are a bit out of whack. I don't much care for the list, but that's because I don't much care for top 10 lists. You don't seem to like the list because you don't understand what it's supposed to be a list of.

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